14 Invitation Messages For The Opening Ceremony

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Get a collection of invitation messages for the opening ceremony.

Invitation messages for the opening ceremony

1. Finally, I am finally announcing the opening of my new textile business. Please be present at [address] on [date] and be with me when I open my business.

2. I am delighted to announce that my boutique will be grand opening next week. Please be present at [the venue] with your family on this occasion. Cocktails and drinks will be served.

3. I am happy to announce that I am starting my new business. Please grace the opening this Friday with your presence at [address]. I will look forward to your arrival.

4. I am very pleased to inform you that we are going to celebrate the grand opening of our {boutique, store, showroom] on [date] at [location]. Please be a part of our celebration.

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5. On the grand opening day of our store, please bless us with your presence and support as we intend to embark on this new journey with you. We will be eagerly waiting for you at [address] at [date and time]

6. Our new services are finally launching. Yes, we are excited too! Join us for an event at [venue] on [date].

7. We are extremely pleased to announce that we are opening our salon in your city! Please be present at [venue] on [date] with friends and family. We are very excited to meet you!

8. We are extremely proud to announce that our company will be opening a new store and we are thrilled to see you at the grand opening. Please connect with us at [date, time, address].

9. We are happy to inform that our second showroom is going to be inaugurated in the coming week. We look forward to seeing you at [location] on Saturday. Please confirm at [email].

10. We are launching exciting new products for you! Come learn about them by being a part of the [date] event at [location]. Don’t leave without your cocktail and starters!

11. We are thrilled and excited to invite you to the grand opening of our newly designed showroom. Please grace us with your presence at [location and address] on [date].

12. We believe that food is everyone’s best friend. Therefore, we would like you to join us at the opening of our restaurant at [address]. Please confirm your arrival time at [email id]

13. You have been a part of my journey from the day I decided to start my own boutique. Finally, the day has come for me to inaugurate my boutique. Please be a part of the grand opening at [Day] [Venue].

14. You have been with us from the very beginning, and it is fitting that you stand with us on the grand opening day of our new age store. get [date] from [time] to [time] [place and address].