16 Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages

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Get a collection of Islamic wedding anniversary wishes and messages.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages

1. Alhamdulillah! you go along! This is a boon. I hope you walk together for the rest of your life. be happy always. happy n!

2. Always keep in mind that living happily together is a kind of blessing from Allah. Therefore, pray to Allah that he stays with you for the rest of your life. Wishing you a happy anniversary!

3. By the grace of Allah, we have completed another year of love and happiness. Happy anniversary to you!

4. Happy anniversary sister. I can’t understand how fast time flies. I remember attending your wedding, and it’s your anniversary now. But I am writing with immense joy and happiness, congratulating you and your spouse on your anniversary.

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5. Happy anniversary, sister. May Allah increase the love you share and keep you safe from the evil eye.

6. Happy wedding anniversary dear wife. You need the divine blessings of Allah at every step of life. May God’s blessings make your life more beautiful.

7. I am grateful to Allah every day for bringing us together and binding us in this eternal bond! May happiness never leave us. Happy Wedding Anniversary, Love.

8. May Allah bless you and your family and fill your existence with happiness. MashaAllah!, here is another year of your glory. I am really happy to see you like a lovely couple. happy n!

9. May your love grow stronger day by day. My best wishes and prayers to you on this anniversary.

10. My dear beloved wife, you are always in my heartfelt prayers and best wishes! Happy Anniversary!

11. OUR MANUFACTURER! I have one wish! Today is the anniversary of the cutest couple. So increase your love for each other and make your bonding stronger than ever. Dua for happiness and peace in your home!

12. Sending our heartfelt wishes and prayers to the most wonderful couple! On this occasion of your wedding anniversary, we pray for the blessings and grace of Allah!

13. There are always bad times as well as good times in a relationship. But you must face all the situations together. If you can do that it means you are under the blessings of Allah! I wish you and your spouse a lovely wedding anniversary!

14. Today I saw that everything is changing. Can’t understand anything. It seems that the cool breeze, the melodious sound of birds, and the fragrance of flowers all announce something. Yes, it’s your Happy Nikah Anniversary!

15. Today is your anniversary but it seems yesterday was your wedding day! Time goes by very fast. Stay together as always. may Allah bless you! Happy anniversary to you both!

16. You are the queen of my world and Akira. I love you for Iman. happy n.