Life Journey of Neal Mohan Who is The CEO of YouTube

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Neal Mohan, an Indian-American leader at YouTube, will replace Susan Wojcicki as CEO. Wojcicki has been the CEO for nine years but is resigning to focus on family, health, and personal projects. Wojcicki was appointed CEO in 2014 after working at Google. Mohan, who is currently the chief product officer at YouTube, will be the new leader of the platform. Get here the important life journey of Neal Mohan.

Who is Neal Mohan?

Neal Mohan is an Indian-American who used to work as YouTube’s top product officer. He started working with Google in 2008 after they bought DoubleClick. He has been working with Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, for almost 15 years. He graduated from Standford University with a degree in electrical engineering in 1996 and finished his MBA in 2005. He is also on the board of directors for companies like Stitch Fix and 23andMe.

Nal Mohan Salary

Neal Mohan worked for big companies like Google and did a short internship at Microsoft when he first started working. He was in charge of the Display and Video advertising part of Google, which included YouTube and other ad products. He is really good at his job and is expected to help Google make $7 billion this year. Twitter wanted to hire him, but Google didn’t want him to leave, so they gave him a $100 million bonus to stay. Now, his bonus might be worth even more because of how much Google’s stock has gone up.

Important Life Journey of Neal Mohan

Here is the life journey of Neal Mohan:

  • Born in either 1975 in Lucknow or 1976
  • Graduated from Stanford University in 1996 with a degree in electrical engineering
  • Worked at Accenture, then joined startup Net Gravity in 1997
  • Net Gravity was acquired by DoubleClick in 1997, moved to New York
  • Became Vice President of Business Operations at DoubleClick
  • Pursued MBA at Stanford in 2003
  • Worked with David Rosenblatt to orient DoubleClick towards advertising exchange, core ad technology situations, and an extensive ad network
  • Google acquired DoubleClick for US$3.1 Billion in 2007, Mohan played a major role in the integration process and joined Google
  • Orchestrated many big releases at YouTube as Chief Product Officer in the late 2010s and early 2020s
  • Became CEO of YouTube on February 16, 2023, succeeding Susan Wojcicki

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