From A to Z: A Comprehensive List of 3-Letter Words and Meanings

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Welcome to my blog about 3-letter words and their meanings! Have you ever noticed how some of the smallest words in the English language can have a big impact on our communication? These tiny words, made up of just three letters, are used frequently in everyday conversation, yet their meanings can be complex and varied. From simple and straightforward to abstract and nuanced, 3-letter words can convey a wealth of information in just a few letters. In this blog, we will explore some of the most interesting and useful 3-letter words and uncover the meanings behind them. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of these small yet mighty words!

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3-Letter Words Starting With A With Their Meanings

Words: aah, aal, aas, aba, abe, abi, ace, act, add, ado, ads, aft, age, ago, aha, aid, ail, aim, air, ait, ala, alb, ale, all, alp, als, alt, ami, amp, ana, and, ani, ant, any, ape, app, apt, arc, are, arf, ark, arm, art, ash, ask, asp, ass, ate, att, auk, ava, ave, avo, awl, awl, axe, aye, azo


  1. Aah – an exclamation of pleasure, satisfaction, or surprise
  2. Aal – a type of eel found in India and other parts of South Asia
  3. Aas – a type of grass found in South Africa and other parts of the world
  4. Aba – a long, loose garment worn by some Muslim women
  5. Abe – short for Abraham or a nickname for someone with that name
  6. Abi – a nickname for Abigail or a reference to the abiotic environment
  7. Ace – a playing card with a single spot, or someone who is exceptionally good at something
  8. Act – to perform a deed or play a part in a drama
  9. Add – to combine two or more things together
  10. Ado – fuss or unnecessary activity
  11. Ads – an abbreviation for advertisements
  12. Aft – towards the rear of a ship or aircraft
  13. Age – the length of time that a person or thing has existed
  14. Ago – a word used to indicate that something happened in the past
  15. Aha – an exclamation of understanding or realization
  16. Aid – assistance or help given to someone in need
  17. Ail – to suffer from an illness or be in pain
  18. Aim – to point or direct something towards a target
  19. Air – the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth
  20. Ait – a small island in a river or lake
  21. Ala – a wing or a flat membrane in some animals
  22. Alb – a long white robe worn by some Christian clergy
  23. Ale – a type of beer made from malted barley and hops
  24. All – the whole quantity or extent of something
  25. Alp – a high mountain, especially one in the Alps
  26. Als – abbreviation for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  27. Alt – a key on a computer keyboard used to access alternate characters or functions
  28. Ami – a friend in French, or a type of fish found in the Amazon basin
  29. Amp – an abbreviation for ampere, a unit of electric current
  30. Ana – a prefix meaning up, back, or again
  31. And – conjunction used to connect words, phrases, or clauses together
  32. Ani – a type of bird found in tropical America
  33. Ant – a small insect that lives in organized colonies
  34. Any – used to indicate one or some of a thing or group without specifying which
  35. Ape – a large primate resembling humans, especially an orangutan, chimpanzee, or gorilla
  36. App – an abbreviation for application, a computer program or software
  37. Apt – suitable or appropriate in the circumstances
  38. Arc – a curved line or portion of a circle
  39. Are – a unit of measure for area, equal to 100 square meters
  40. Arf – a bark of a dog
  41. Ark – a large boat or ship, especially one in the Bible built by Noah
  42. Arm – each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand
  43. Art – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination
  44. Ash – the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance, such as wood or coal
  45. Ask – to request information or an answer to a question
  46. Asp – a venomous snake found in southern Europe and Asia
  47. Ass – a hoofed mammal related to horses and zebras, or a derogatory term for a stupid or foolish person
  48. Ate – past tense of eat, meaning to consume food or drink
  49. Att – abbreviation for attention, meaning the act of focusing one’s mind or the notice taken of something
  50. Auk – a diving bird found in the northern hemisphere
  51. Ava – a female given name or an abbreviation for available
  52. Ave – a greeting or salutation, short for avenue
  53. Avo – abbreviation for avocado, a fruit with a greenish-yellow flesh and a large seed
  54. Awl – a pointed tool used for making small holes in leather or wood
  55. Awl – an interjection expressing mild surprise or realization
  56. Axe – a tool with a heavy metal blade used for chopping wood
  57. Aye – an affirmative response, meaning yes or in agreement with something
  58. Azo – a chemical compound containing a nitrogen atom linked to two carbon atoms

3-Letter Words Starting With B With Their Meanings

Words: bab, bac, bad, bag, bah, bal, bam, ban, bap, bar, bas, bat, bay, bed, bee, beg, bel, ben, bes, bet, bey, bib, bid, big, bin, bio, bis, bit, biz, boa, bob, bod, bog, boo, bop, bot, bow, box, boy, bra, bro, brr, bud, bug, bum, bun, bur, bus, but, buy, bye


  1. bab – to utter meaningless sounds, like a baby
  2. bac – abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
  3. bad – not good or desirable; poor quality
  4. bag – a container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things
  5. bah – an exclamation of disgust or annoyance
  6. bal – a type of dance music popular in South America
  7. bam – a sudden, forceful impact or hit
  8. ban – to prohibit or forbid something
  9. bap – a small, soft bread roll
  10. bar – a place where alcoholic drinks are served
  11. bas – the plural of “ba”, a type of silk fabric
  12. bat – a flying mammal with wings consisting of skin stretched over a framework of bones
  13. bay – a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward
  14. bed – a piece of furniture for sleeping on
  15. bee – a flying insect that collects nectar and pollen from flowers
  16. beg – to ask someone earnestly or humbly for something
  17. bel – to emit a loud, deep sound like that of a bell
  18. ben – a mountain peak in Scotland
  19. bes – the plural of “be”, the name of a letter in the alphabet
  20. bet – to risk money on the outcome of an event or competition
  21. bey – a Turkish title of honor for high officials
  22. bib – a garment worn to protect clothes while eating
  23. bid – to offer a certain price for something at an auction or sale
  24. big – of great size or extent
  25. bin – a container for storing things
  26. bio – a short form of “biography”
  27. bis – a musical term meaning “played twice”
  28. bit – a small piece or quantity of something
  29. biz – a slang term for business
  30. boa – a long, thin scarf made of feathers or fur
  31. bob – to move up and down quickly and repeatedly
  32. bod – a slang term for “body”
  33. bog – an area of wet, spongy ground
  34. boo – to make a loud, negative sound to show disapproval
  35. bop – a style of jazz music characterized by fast, rhythmic tempos
  36. bot – short for “robot”
  37. bow – a weapon consisting of a curved piece of wood with a string stretched between its ends, used for shooting arrows
  38. box – a container made of stiff material with a lid, used for storing or transporting things
  39. boy – a male child or young person
  40. bra – a woman’s undergarment designed to support the breasts
  41. bro – a slang term for “brother”
  42. brr – an exclamation indicating that one is feeling cold
  43. bud – a small swelling on a plant that will grow into a leaf, flower, or shoot
  44. bug – a small insect or other arthropod
  45. bum – a homeless person
  46. bun – a small, sweet bread roll
  47. bur – a rough, prickly seedcase or covering
  48. bus – a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers
  49. but – used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or contradicts a previous statement
  50. buy – to obtain something in exchange for money
  51. bye – a shortened form of “goodbye”

3-Letter Words Starting With C With Their Meanings

Words: cab, cad, cam, can, cap, car, cat, caw, cay, cob, cod, cog, col, con, coo, cop, cor, cos, cot, cow, cox, coy, coz


  1. cab – a vehicle with a driver that can be hired to take passengers to a destination
  2. cad – a man who behaves dishonorably, especially toward women
  3. cam – a rotating or sliding piece in mechanical devices that causes a reciprocating or oscillating motion in another part
  4. can – to be able to, to have the ability or capacity to do something
  5. cap – a head covering worn as a symbol of rank, profession, or occupation
  6. car – a road vehicle with four wheels powered by an internal combustion engine
  7. cat – a small carnivorous mammal with fur, a short snout, and retractable claws
  8. caw – the harsh, raucous cry of a crow or a raven
  9. cay – a small, low-elevation, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef
  10. cob – the central cylindrical part of a corn ear, to be used for food or feed
  11. cod – a large edible fish that lives in cold northern waters
  12. cog – a wheel or bar with teeth that meshes with another gear or bar to transmit motion
  13. col – a low point between two higher points, often a saddle-shaped depression in a mountain ridge
  14. con – to persuade or deceive someone into doing something or believing something false
  15. coo – the soft murmuring sound made by a dove or pigeon
  16. cop – a police officer
  17. cor – the heart of an apple or other fruit, which contains the seeds
  18. cos – a lettuce with long, narrow leaves that form a cylindrical head
  19. cot – a small bed with high sides for a baby or young child
  20. cow – a large domesticated mammal that is commonly raised for meat, milk, and leather
  21. cox – the person who steers a racing boat and coordinates the rowers
  22. coy – shy or modest, often in a flirtatious or teasing way
  23. coz – an informal abbreviation for the word “because”

3-Letter Words Starting With D With Their Meanings

Words: dad, dam, dap, day, den, dew, dib, did, die, dig, dim, din, dip, dis, dit, doc, doe, dog, dol, dom, don, dor, dos, dot, dow, dry, dub, dud, due, dug, duh, dui, dun, duo, dup, dye


  1. Dad – a father, a male parent
  2. Dam – a barrier built across a watercourse to hold back water
  3. Dap – a light touch or blow
  4. Day – a period of 24 hours, the time between sunrise and sunset
  5. Den – a small room in a house, used as a private room or study
  6. Dew – small drops of water that form on surfaces overnight
  7. Dib – to make a mark or indentation with a pointed object
  8. Did – past tense of “do,” to perform an action or activity
  9. Die – to stop living, to cease to exist
  10. Dig – to break up, turn over, or remove soil or earth with a tool or one’s hands
  11. Dim – not bright, having little light
  12. Din – a loud, unpleasant noise
  13. Dip – to put something briefly into a liquid and then take it out again
  14. Dis – a negative prefix meaning not or the opposite of
  15. Dit – used to indicate that something has been said or written previously
  16. Doc – a shortened form of “doctor,” a person who is trained and licensed to practice medicine
  17. Doe – a female deer
  18. Dog – a domesticated mammal and common household pet
  19. Dol – a unit of measurement used for pain relief medication
  20. Dom – a top-level internet domain name
  21. Don – to put on clothing or a hat
  22. Dor – a breed of sheep
  23. Dos – a Spanish word meaning “two”
  24. Dot – a small round mark or point
  25. Dow – a woman’s dower or portion of property given by a husband
  26. Dry – without moisture, not wet
  27. Dub – to give a name or title to someone
  28. Dud – a thing that fails to work properly or is unsuccessful
  29. Due – expected or owed, scheduled to happen or arrive
  30. Dug – past tense of “dig,” to break up, turn over, or remove soil or earth with a tool or one’s hands
  31. Duh – used to express the speaker’s disbelief, surprise, or irritation at something obvious or stupid
  32. Dui – a driving under the influence charge, usually referring to alcohol or drugs
  33. Dun – a grayish-brown color
  34. Duo – a pair of performers or musicians who perform together
  35. Dup – to make an exact copy or duplicate of something
  36. Dye – a substance used to change the color of something, usually fabric or hair.

3-Letter Words Starting With E With Their Meanings

Words: ear, eat, eel, eft, egg, ego, eke, eld, elf, elk, ell, elm, els, eme, emu, end, ene, eng, ens, eon, era, ere, erg, ern, err, ers, ess, eta, eve, ewe, eye


  1. ear – the part of the body that collects sound waves and transmits them to the brain
  2. eat – to chew and swallow food
  3. eel – a long, snake-like fish
  4. eft – a young newt
  5. egg – a hard-shelled reproductive body produced by birds, reptiles, and some other animals
  6. ego – a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance
  7. eke – to make or save something by using only what is available
  8. eld – old age
  9. elf – a mythical creature typically depicted as a small, mischievous being with pointed ears and a pointed hat
  10. elk – a large deer with branched antlers
  11. ell – a measure of length equal to 45 inches
  12. elm – a tall deciduous tree
  13. els – a type of grass
  14. eme – a unit of work or energy
  15. emu – a large flightless bird native to Australia
  16. end – the final part of something
  17. ene – a hydrocarbon compound
  18. eng – a letter of the alphabet in some languages
  19. ens – a medicinal plant with a bitter taste
  20. eon – an indefinite and very long period of time
  21. era – a period of time in history
  22. ere – before
  23. erg – a unit of work or energy
  24. ern – a type of sea eagle
  25. err – to make a mistake
  26. ers – a type of plant
  27. ess – the letter “S”
  28. eta – the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet
  29. eve – the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion
  30. ewe – a female sheep
  31. eye – the organ of sight

3-Letter Words Starting With F With Their Meanings

Words: fab, fad, fag, fan, far, fat, fax, fay, fed, fee, fem, fen, few, fey, fez, fib, fie, fig, fil, fin, fir, fit, fix, flu, fly, fob, foe, fog, fop, for, fou, fox, foy, fry, fub, fud, fug, fun, fur, fut


  1. fab: extremely good or attractive
  2. fad: a craze or trend that is popular for a short period of time
  3. fag: a cigarette in British English or a derogatory term for a gay man
  4. fan: a device that creates a current of air or an enthusiastic supporter of a person, team, or idea
  5. far: at or to a great distance
  6. fat: a natural oily substance in animals and plants or having an overweight body
  7. fax: a machine for transmitting copies of documents over a telephone line
  8. fay: a fairy or elf-like creature in folklore or to predict or prophesy
  9. fed: past tense of “feed” or a member of the US Federal Reserve System
  10. fee: a payment made to a professional or for a service
  11. fem: referring to feminine qualities or characteristics
  12. fen: a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land
  13. few: a small number of people or things
  14. fey: having supernatural or magical powers or acting in a whimsical or strange manner
  15. fez: a brimless hat that is typically red and worn in Muslim countries
  16. fib: a small lie or untruthful statement
  17. fie: an expression of disgust or disapproval
  18. fig: a soft, sweet fruit with a thin skin and many small seeds inside or a gesture of contempt
  19. fil: a thin layer or film of something or a type of thread or cord
  20. fin: a flattened appendage on a fish used for swimming or an amount of money
  21. fir: a type of evergreen tree or a straight-grained wood from this tree
  22. fit: being of the right size or shape for a particular purpose or to have a sudden attack of convulsions or unconsciousness
  23. fix: to repair or mend something or to arrange something in a particular way
  24. flu: a highly infectious viral illness that causes fever, headache, and respiratory symptoms or a flowing stream of liquid
  25. fly: to travel through the air or to move quickly and easily or a small, flying insect
  26. fob: a chain or strap attached to a pocket watch or a small pocket on a garment
  27. foe: an enemy or adversary
  28. fog: a thick cloud of water droplets suspended in the air or a state of confusion or uncertainty
  29. fop: a man who is concerned with his appearance and clothes in an excessive or affected way
  30. for: in support of or favoring something or to indicate a duration of time
  31. fou: having an unpleasant taste or smell
  32. fox: a carnivorous mammal with a bushy tail or a clever and cunning person
  33. foy: a festival or feast day
  34. fry: to cook in hot oil or fat or a young fish
  35. fub: to cheat or deceive someone
  36. fud: a type of sweet made from sugar, milk, and butter or to avoid doing something difficult
  37. fug: a state of being a fugitive or a type of music originating from African American culture
  38. fun: something that is enjoyable or amusing or to have a good time
  39. fur: the thick coat of hair that covers the skin of an animal or a garment made from this material
  40. fut: to act in a foolish or ridiculous manner

3-Letter Words Starting With G With Their Meanings

Words: gab, gad, gag, gal, gam, gan, gap, gas, gay, ged, gee, gel, gem, gen, get, ghi, gib, gid, gie, gig, gin, gip, git, gnu, goa, gob, god, goo, gor, got, gov, gow, gox, goy, gub, gum, gun, gut, guv, guy


  1. gab – to talk excessively or pointlessly
  2. gad – to wander or roam about in search of pleasure or entertainment
  3. gag – a device put in the mouth to prevent speech, or a joke or humorous remark
  4. gal – a girl or young woman
  5. gam – to play games of chance for money or other stakes
  6. gan – a collective term for geese
  7. gap – an opening or space in something
  8. gas – a substance that is in a state of matter between liquid and solid, or a fuel used in vehicles and machines
  9. gay – a term referring to homosexuality, or a synonym for happy
  10. ged – a fish of the cod family
  11. gee – an expression used to encourage a horse or other animal to go faster
  12. gel – a substance that is neither liquid nor solid, or a styling product for hair
  13. gem – a precious or semi-precious stone or a person or thing that is admired for its beauty or excellence
  14. gen – information or intelligence
  15. get – to acquire or obtain something
  16. ghi – a type of clarified butter used in Indian cuisine
  17. gib – a wedge-shaped piece of metal or wood
  18. gid – a disease that affects sheep
  19. gie – to give or provide something
  20. gig – a type of musical performance, or a job or task
  21. gin – a spirit made from juniper berries, or a device used for separating seeds from cotton
  22. gip – to cheat or swindle someone
  23. git – a term of insult or abuse
  24. gnu – an African antelope
  25. goa – a state in western India
  26. gob – a lump or chunk of something, or a mouthful of food
  27. god – a supreme being worshipped in various religions
  28. goo – a sticky or slimy substance
  29. gor – a type of ape found in Africa
  30. got – past tense of the verb “get”
  31. gov – an abbreviation for government
  32. gow – a type of grass or a Scottish term meaning “street”
  33. gox – a synonym for gossip or chatter
  34. goy – a non-Jewish person
  35. gub – a slang term for a handgun
  36. gum – a substance that is used for chewing, or the tissue that surrounds and supports teeth
  37. gun – a weapon that fires bullets or other projectiles
  38. gut – the digestive tract, or a feeling of intense emotion or intuition
  39. guv – a slang term for a boss or employer
  40. guy – a man or a rope or cable used to steady or guide something

3-Letter Words Starting With H With Their Meanings

Words: had, hag, hah, ham, hap, has, hat, haw, hay, hem, hen, her, hew, hex, hey, hic, hid, hie, him, hin, hip, his, hit, hmm, hob, hod, hoe, hog, hon, hop, hot, how, hub, hue, hug, huh, hum, hun, hup, hut


  1. had – past tense of “have”
  2. hag – an ugly old woman
  3. hah – an exclamation used to express surprise, joy, or triumph
  4. ham – meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg
  5. hap – a chance or fortune
  6. has – present tense of “have”
  7. hat – a covering for the head
  8. haw – a small fruit of a hawthorn bush
  9. hay – grass that has been mowed and dried for use as fodder
  10. hem – the edge of a piece of cloth folded over and sewn down
  11. hen – a female chicken
  12. her – used as the possessive form of “she”
  13. hew – to chop or cut with an ax, pick, or other tool
  14. hex – an evil spell or curse
  15. hey – used to attract attention or to express greeting
  16. hic – a sound made in the throat, especially as an expression of disapproval or hesitation
  17. hid – past tense of “hide”
  18. hie – to go quickly or hurriedly
  19. him – used as the objective form of “he”
  20. hin – a monetary unit of Nepal, equal to one hundredth of a rupee
  21. hip – the projecting part of the human body formed by the side of the pelvis and the upper part of the femur
  22. his – belonging to or associated with a male person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified
  23. hit – to bring one’s hand or a tool forcefully into contact with something
  24. hmm – used to express thought or hesitation
  25. hob – a flat metal shelf at the side or back of a fireplace, used for keeping food or utensils warm
  26. hod – a tray or basket for carrying mortar or bricks on the shoulder
  27. hoe – a tool with a flat blade and a long handle, used for removing weeds and cultivating soil
  28. hog – a domesticated pig, especially one raised for meat
  29. hon – a term of affectionate address
  30. hop – a twining plant of the mulberry family, which produces flowers and cones used in making beer
  31. hot – having a high degree of heat or a high temperature
  32. how – in what way or manner
  33. hub – the central part of a wheel or propeller, through which the axle passes
  34. hue – a color or shade
  35. hug – to hold someone tightly in one’s arms
  36. huh – used to express surprise, disbelief, or confusion
  37. hum – to make a low, continuous sound
  38. hun – a member of a nomadic people who invaded and settled in Europe in the 4th-5th centuries
  39. hup – used as a military command to urge a horse or horses forward
  40. hut – a small, simple dwelling or shelter

3-Letter Words Starting With I With Their Meanings

Words: Icy, Ivy, Ink, Inn, Its, Ire, Ill, Imp, Ida, Ion, Iff, Igu, Ike, Ilk, I’m, Irk, Irv, Ick, Ith, Ice, Ids, Ide, Ido, Ili, Ind, Ine, Ing, Ipe, Iso


  1. Icy – extremely cold or covered in ice
  2. Ivy – a climbing plant with glossy, evergreen leaves
  3. Ink – a colored liquid used for writing or printing
  4. Inn – a small hotel or lodging house
  5. Its – belonging to or associated with a thing previously mentioned or easily identified
  6. Ire – anger or irritation
  7. Ill – not in good health; sick or diseased
  8. Imp – a small, mischievous creature; a demon
  9. Ida – a female given name
  10. Ion – an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons
  11. Iff – if and only if; a logical operator
  12. Igu – an abbreviation for “iguana”
  13. Ike – a male given name; a nickname for “Dwight D. Eisenhower”
  14. Ilk – type or kind, especially of people or things regarded as similar
  15. I’m – a contraction for “I am”
  16. Irk – to irritate or annoy
  17. Irv – a male given name; a nickname for “Irving”
  18. Ick – an expression of disgust
  19. Ith – an abbreviation for “Ithaca” (a city in New York State)
  20. Ice – frozen water
  21. Ids – an abbreviation for “identifications”
  22. Ide – a small, freshwater fish
  23. Ido – a constructed language designed for international communication
  24. Ili – an abbreviation for “Iliad” (an epic poem by Homer)
  25. Ind – an abbreviation for “India”
  26. Ine – a suffix used to form adjectives denoting material, relating to, or characteristic of something
  27. Ing – a suffix used to form present participles of verbs
  28. Ipe – a type of hardwood tree native to Central and South America
  29. Iso – a prefix meaning “equal” or “uniform”

3-Letter Words Starting With J With Their Meanings

Words: jab, jag, jam, jar, jaw, jay, jib, jig, jin, job, jog, jot, jow, jut


  1. jab: to poke or thrust suddenly
  2. jag: a sharp projection or point
  3. jam: a thick mixture of fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency
  4. jar: a cylindrical container with a lid used for storing food, or a sudden jolt or shock
  5. jaw: the part of the face below the mouth that contains the teeth and is used for chewing and speaking
  6. jay: a bird of the crow family, typically with boldly colored feathers
  7. jib: a triangular sail at the front of a sailing vessel
  8. jig: a lively dance with jumping movements
  9. jin: a type of gin made in China and Korea
  10. job: a paid position of regular employment
  11. jog: to run at a slow, steady pace
  12. jot: to write something briefly or quickly
  13. jow: to ring a bell slowly and solemnly
  14. jut: to extend out, up, or forward beyond the main body or line of something

3-Letter Words Starting With K With Their Meanings

Words: kae, kaf, kai, kas, kat, kaw, kay, kea, kef, keg, ken, kep, kex, key, khi, kid, kif, kin, kip, kir, kit, koa, kob, koi, kop, kor, kos, kue, kye


  1. kae – a rare bird species native to New Zealand
  2. kaf – a variant of the letter “kaph” in the Hebrew alphabet
  3. kai – a type of small, uncooked food in Hawaii, often served as an appetizer
  4. kas – a type of long robe or tunic worn in North Africa
  5. kat – a small drum used in Turkish and Arabic music
  6. kaw – a loud, harsh cry made by a crow or similar bird
  7. kay – a type of small, narrow boat used in the Arctic
  8. kea – a type of large, green parrot found in New Zealand
  9. kef – a state of peaceful, contented bliss or happiness
  10. keg – a large barrel used for storing and dispensing beer or other liquids
  11. ken – one’s range of knowledge or understanding
  12. kep – a type of cap worn by sailors
  13. kex – a type of coarse, weedy plant
  14. key – a small, metal tool used for turning locks
  15. khi – a letter in the Greek alphabet
  16. kid – a young goat or child
  17. kif – a type of hashish made from the resin of cannabis plants
  18. kin – one’s family or relatives
  19. kip – the national currency of Laos
  20. kir – a type of French aperitif made with white wine and crème de cassis
  21. kit – a set of tools or equipment for a particular purpose
  22. koa – a type of Hawaiian tree known for its dense, durable wood
  23. kob – a type of African antelope
  24. koi – a type of colorful fish often kept in outdoor ponds
  25. kop – a hill or high point in South Africa
  26. kor – a unit of currency in Botswana
  27. kos – a unit of measurement in India, equal to 1.25 miles
  28. kue – a type of Chinese biscuit or pastry
  29. kye – a traditional Scottish social gathering involving music and dancing

3-Letter Words Starting With L With Their Meanings

Words: lab, lac, lad, lag, lah, lam, lap, lar, las, lat, lav, law, lax, lay, lea, led, lee, leg, lei, lek, let, leu, lev, lex, ley, lez, lib, lid, lie, lig, lin, lip, lis, lit, lob, log, loo, lop, lor, los, lot, low, lox, loy, lud, lug, lum, lun, lux, lye


  1. lab: a place where scientific experiments and tests are conducted
  2. lac: a resinous substance secreted by certain insects, used in making shellac and varnish
  3. lad: a boy or young man
  4. lag: to fall behind in movement or progress
  5. lah: a musical note
  6. lam: to flee or escape quickly
  7. lap: the flat area between the waist and knees of a seated person
  8. lar: the immature form of certain insects, such as butterflies and moths
  9. las: a type of Mexican food consisting of a tortilla filled with meat, beans, cheese, and other ingredients
  10. lat: a type of coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
  11. lav: a basin or container for washing
  12. law: a system of rules and regulations enforced by a government or other authority
  13. lax: not strict or precise
  14. lay: to put down or place something in a particular position
  15. lea: a grassy meadow or open field
  16. led: past tense of lead, meaning to guide or direct
  17. lee: a sheltered or protected side, away from the wind
  18. leg: a limb used for support and movement in animals and humans
  19. lei: a wreath or garland of flowers, typically worn around the neck
  20. lek: an area where male animals gather to display their mating behavior
  21. let: to allow or permit something to happen
  22. leu: the basic unit of currency in Romania
  23. lev: the basic unit of currency in Bulgaria
  24. lex: a system or collection of laws
  25. ley: a piece of land left fallow for a period of time
  26. lez: a woman who is attracted to other women
  27. lib: a book or other written material containing information, ideas, or stories
  28. lid: a cover for a container or other object
  29. lie: to make a false statement with intent to deceive
  30. lig: a type of tissue that connects bones or other structures in the body
  31. lin: a type of flax used for making linen
  32. lip: either of the two fleshy folds that surround the mouth
  33. lis: a plant with showy flowers and a bulbous root, such as a lily or tulip
  34. lit: past tense of light, meaning to illuminate or ignite
  35. lob: to throw or hit a ball in a high arc
  36. log: a large, heavy piece of wood
  37. loo: a toilet or bathroom
  38. lop: to cut off a branch or other part of a tree or plant
  39. lor: a unit of measurement of sound intensity
  40. los: a city in Croatia
  41. lot: a particular piece of land or property
  42. low: situated close to the ground
  43. lox: a type of cured salmon
  44. loy: a feeling of devotion or loyalty to someone or something
  45. lud: a game or play
  46. lug: to carry or pull something heavy or cumbersome
  47. lum: a unit of measurement of luminous flux
  48. lun: a crescent-shaped object
  49. lux: a unit of measurement of illuminance or brightness
  50. lye: a strong alkaline solution used for cleaning or making soap

3-Letter Words Starting With M With Their Meanings

Words: maa, mac, mad, mae, maf, mag, mah, mai, maj, mak, mal, mam, man, mao, map, mar, mas, mat, mau, maw, max, may, maz


  1. maa – a type of small domesticated sheep found in India
  2. mac – a short form for Macintosh, a type of computer or a raincoat
  3. mad – insane, mentally unstable or extremely angry
  4. mae – a female given name
  5. maf – a slang term for the Mafia, a criminal organization
  6. mag – a magician or a powerful sorcerer
  7. mah – an exclamation of surprise or wonder
  8. mai – a type of palm tree found in Southeast Asia
  9. maj – a shortened form of “major,” a rank in the military or academic field
  10. mak – a type of small shark found in warm waters
  11. mal – harmful, bad or negative
  12. mam – a shortened form of “mother” or a mammal
  13. man – a male human or a person in general
  14. mao – a surname or the abbreviation for the Chairman Mao Zedong
  15. map – a diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea
  16. mar – to damage or spoil the appearance of something or someone
  17. mas – a shortened form of “masculine,” related to male gender
  18. mat – a piece of material used to cover a floor or a small pad used for yoga or exercise
  19. mau – a type of Egyptian cat breed
  20. maw – the jaws or throat of a carnivorous animal
  21. max – the greatest or largest amount possible
  22. may – to express possibility or permission or the fifth month of the year
  23. maz – a slang term for marijuana or a type of maze

3-Letter Words Starting With N With Their Meanings

Words: nab, nag, nah, nap, nay, nib, nil, nim, nip, nit, nix, nob, nod, nor, not, now, nth


  1. Nab – to seize or grab something quickly and forcefully.
  2. Nag – to irritate or annoy someone by repeatedly finding fault or complaining.
  3. Nah – an expression used to convey a negative response or rejection.
  4. Nap – a brief period of sleep.
  5. Nay – an expression used to indicate disagreement or refusal.
  6. Nib – the pointed end of a pen or pencil used for writing or drawing.
  7. Nil – nothing, zero, or a score of no points in a game or competition.
  8. Nim – quick-witted or clever.
  9. Nip – to pinch or bite something quickly and sharply.
  10. Nit – a small insect, the egg of a louse, or a foolish person.
  11. Nix – to cancel or reject something.
  12. Nob – a person of high social rank or nobility.
  13. Nod – to move one’s head up and down as a gesture of greeting, agreement, or acknowledgement.
  14. Nor – used to connect two negative clauses or to introduce a further negative statement.
  15. Not – used to express negation, denial, or refusal.
  16. Now – at the present time or moment.
  17. Nth – used to refer to an unspecified position in a series or sequence, typically after the ninth.

3-Letter Words Starting With O With Their Meanings

Words: oaf, oak, oar, oat, obe, obi, oca, oda, odd, ode, off, oft, ohm, oho, oil, oka, old, ole, oms, one, ono, ons, ony, ooh, oot, ope, ops, opt, ora, orb, orc, ore, ors, ort, ose, oud, our, out, ova, owe, owl, own, oxo, oxy, oye, oys


  1. oaf – a clumsy or stupid person
  2. oak – a large tree that bears acorns
  3. oar – a long pole with a flat blade used for rowing a boat
  4. oat – a cereal plant that is a major food crop
  5. obe – a type of religious garment
  6. obi – a sash worn with a kimono
  7. oca – a South American plant with edible tubers
  8. oda – a room or building used for socializing in some Muslim countries
  9. odd – strange or unusual
  10. ode – a lyric poem
  11. off – not on or active
  12. oft – frequently
  13. ohm – a unit of electrical resistance
  14. oho – an expression of surprise or pleasure
  15. oil – a viscous liquid used for lubrication or fuel
  16. oka – a unit of weight used in Turkey and neighboring countries
  17. old – having lived for a long time
  18. ole – an exclamation of encouragement or approval
  19. oms – a mantra used in meditation
  20. one – a single unit
  21. ono – a type of fish
  22. ons – a unit of measurement in the clothing industry
  23. ony – relating to or made of onyx
  24. ooh – an expression of excitement or admiration
  25. oot – to make a mistake or error
  26. ope – to open
  27. ops – a military operation
  28. opt – to choose or select
  29. ora – a prayer or incantation
  30. orb – a spherical object
  31. orc – a mythical creature
  32. ore – a mineral or rock that contains valuable substances
  33. ors – a herb with yellow flowers
  34. ort – a small scrap of food left over from a meal
  35. ose – a type of sugar
  36. oud – a Middle Eastern musical instrument
  37. our – belonging to us
  38. out – away from the inside or center
  39. ova – the female reproductive cell
  40. owe – to be under a moral or legal obligation to pay or do something
  41. owl – a nocturnal bird of prey
  42. own – to possess or have
  43. oxo – a brand of stock cubes
  44. oxy – short for oxygen
  45. oye – an exclamation of pain or surprise
  46. oys – a Yiddish expression of dismay or frustration

3-Letter Words Starting With P With Their Meanings

Words: pad, pal, pan, pap, par, pat, paw, pay, pea, peg, pen, pep, per, pet, pew, phi, pic, pie, pig, pin, pip, pit, ply, pod, pop, pot, pow, pro, pry, pub, pug, pun, pup, put, pyx


  1. pad – a cushioned mat or cushion for sitting, kneeling, or lying on
  2. pal – a close friend
  3. pan – a shallow, flat-bottomed cooking vessel used for frying or baking
  4. pap – a soft, moist food for infants made by boiling and grinding cereal or other grains or vegetables
  5. par – the number of strokes a good golfer should take to finish a hole, typically ranging from three to five
  6. pat – a light, gentle stroke or tap, typically with the hand
  7. paw – the foot of an animal that has claws or nails
  8. pay – give money to (someone) in return for goods or services
  9. pea – a small, spherical, green seed that is widely eaten as a vegetable
  10. peg – a short, cylindrical piece of wood, metal, or plastic that is used to fasten or attach things together or to hang things on
  11. pen – a writing instrument with a nib or point that uses ink to write or draw
  12. pep – energy, enthusiasm, or vitality
  13. per – for each; by the means of
  14. pet – an animal kept for companionship or pleasure
  15. pew – a long bench with a back, typically for seating people in a church
  16. phi – the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, represented as ‘φ’
  17. pic – a photograph or picture
  18. pie – a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry
  19. pig – a domesticated mammal with a snout and a curly tail, kept for its meat and skin
  20. pin – a thin, pointed metal or plastic rod with a head used for fastening or holding things together
  21. pip – a small hard seed in a fruit, such as an apple or pear
  22. pit – a large hole in the ground, typically one used for extracting minerals
  23. ply – a thickness or layer of a material
  24. pod – a detachable container of a plant or fungus, containing the seeds or spores
  25. pop – a sudden, explosive sound
  26. pot – a container, typically rounded or cylindrical, used for cooking or storing food
  27. pow – a loud, explosive sound
  28. pro – a professional person, especially in sport or entertainment
  29. pry – inquire too closely into a person’s private affairs
  30. pub – a place where alcoholic drinks are sold and consumed
  31. pug – a small, sturdy breed of dog with a wrinkled face and tightly curled tail
  32. pun – a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings
  33. pup – a young dog, especially one that is not yet fully grown
  34. put – move to or place in a particular position
  35. pyx – a small, cylindrical container used in the Catholic Church for carrying the consecrated host

3-Letter Words Starting With Q With Their Meanings

Words: qat, qis, qub, qum, qad, qop, qid, qan, qaf, qay, qob, qeh, qox, qor, qip, qry, qew, qod


  1. qat: a type of plant native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the leaves of which are chewed as a stimulant.
  2. qis: a unit of weight used in Arabia and Iran, equal to approximately 1.4 kilograms.
  3. qub: a cube-shaped object.
  4. qum: a city in central Iran, known for its silk production and historical monuments.
  5. qad: the length of a person’s upper arm from shoulder to elbow.
  6. qop: a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, equivalent to the English letter “K”.
  7. qid: a small and often insignificant amount of something.
  8. qan: a title of Persian origin, used for a ruler or leader.
  9. qaf: the twenty-second letter of the Arabic alphabet.
  10. qay: a body of water that flows into another body of water.
  11. qob: a traditional Mongolian dwelling.
  12. qeh: a unit of measurement used in Iran, equal to approximately 0.7 liters.
  13. qox: a type of antelope found in Africa.
  14. qor: an abbreviation for “quantity of reagents”, used in chemistry.
  15. qip: a type of traditional Chinese robe.
  16. qry: a unit of measurement used in surveying, equal to approximately 0.01 inch.
  17. qew: a type of seaweed.
  18. qod: an abbreviation for “quantity of drug”, used in pharmacy.

3-Letter Words Starting With R

Words: rab, rad, rag, raj, ram, ran, rap, ras, rat, raw, ray, reb, rec, red, ree, ref, reg, rei, rem, ren, rep, res, ret, rev, rex, ria, rib, rid, rif, rig, rim, rin, rip, riz, rob, roc, rod, roe, roo, rot, row, rub, rue, rug, rum, run, rut


  1. rab: a rodent, similar to a hare or rabbit.
  2. rad: slang term meaning excellent or cool.
  3. rag: a piece of cloth used for cleaning.
  4. raj: a ruler or king in India.
  5. ram: a male sheep.
  6. ran: past tense of run.
  7. rap: a style of music characterized by rhyming lyrics spoken rhythmically over an instrumental beat.
  8. ras: a small carnivorous mammal, similar to a ferret.
  9. rat: a rodent known for its long, pointed tail.
  10. raw: not cooked or processed.
  11. ray: a narrow beam of light or radiation.
  12. reb: short for rebate, a refund of part of a purchase price.
  13. rec: short for recreation, leisure activities for enjoyment.
  14. red: the color of blood or fire.
  15. ree: a musical note, a deer or other antlered animal.
  16. ref: short for referee, an official who oversees a sports match or contest.
  17. reg: short for regiment, a military unit.
  18. rei: a Japanese word meaning universal spirit or divine energy.
  19. rem: short for reminder, a prompt or memory aid.
  20. ren: a unit of Chinese currency.
  21. rep: short for representative, a person who acts on behalf of another.
  22. res: short for reservation, a booking or hold on a place or item.
  23. ret: short for retire, to leave one’s job or position permanently.
  24. rev: short for reverend, a title for a member of the clergy.
  25. rex: a male ruler or king.
  26. ria: a long, narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs.
  27. rib: a bone in the chest of humans or animals.
  28. rid: to remove or get rid of something.
  29. rif: short for rifle, a firearm with a long barrel.
  30. rig: to set up or arrange something.
  31. rim: the outer edge of a circular object.
  32. rin: short for rinsing, the act of washing or cleaning with water.
  33. rip: to tear or cut something forcefully.
  34. riz: short for rice, a cereal grain.
  35. rob: to take something by force or threat.
  36. roc: a mythical bird of prey.
  37. rod: a long, thin stick or pole.
  38. roe: fish eggs.
  39. roo: a kangaroo.
  40. rot: decay or decomposition.
  41. row: a line or sequence of objects.
  42. rub: to apply pressure and friction to something.
  43. rue: to regret or feel remorse.
  44. rug: a floor covering made of woven material.
  45. rum: an alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane.
  46. run: to move quickly on foot.
  47. rut: a groove or track made by a wheel or animal.

3-Letter Words Starting With S With Their Meanings

Words: sad, sag, sap, sat, say, sea, see, set, sew, sex, she, shy, sin, sip, sit, six, sky, sly, sob, sod, son, sop, sow, soy, spa, spy, sty, sub, sue, sum, sun, sup, sir, sri


  1. sad – feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy
  2. sag – sink or bend downwards under weight or pressure
  3. sap – a fluid in plants that circulates nutrients; weaken or tire out (a person or animal)
  4. sat – past tense of “sit”; be in a seated position
  5. say – express in words; speak or utter
  6. sea – the expanse of saltwater that covers most of the earth’s surface
  7. see – perceive with the eyes; understand or realize
  8. set – put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position
  9. sew – join or attach (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread
  10. sex – either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions
  11. she – used to refer to a woman or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified
  12. shy – nervous or timid in the company of other people
  13. sin – an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law
  14. sip – drink (something) by taking small mouthfuls
  15. sit – adopt or be in a position in which one’s weight is supported by one’s buttocks rather than one’s feet
  16. six – the number equivalent to the sum of three and three; one more than five
  17. sky – the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth
  18. sly – having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
  19. sob – cry noisily, making loud, convulsive gasps
  20. sod – the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it
  21. son – a boy or man in relation to either or both of his parents
  22. sop – a piece of bread or similar absorbent material used to mop up gravy, sauce, or other liquid food
  23. sow – plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth
  24. soy – a protein-rich food derived from soybeans
  25. spa – a place where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths
  26. spy – a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor
  27. sty – a pigpen or small enclosure for livestock
  28. sub – a submarine or a subordinate
  29. sue – take legal action against (someone), typically for redress or compensation
  30. sum – the total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items
  31. sun – the star around which the earth orbits
  32. sup – take (drink or liquid food) by sips or spoonfuls
  33. sir – a respectful or formal term of address used for a man
  34. sri – an honorific title used in India and Sri Lanka as a mark of respect

3-Letter Words Starting With T With Their Meanings

Words: tab, tad, tag, tam, tan, tao, tap, tar, tat, tau, tax, tea, tee, ten, tet, the, tho, thy, tic, tie, til, tin, tip, tit, toa, tod, toe, tog, tom, ton, too, top, tor, tot, tow, toy, try, tub, tug, tun, tup, tut, tux, two


  1. tab – a small flap or strip of material attached to something for holding, grasping, or pulling.
  2. tad – a small amount or degree of something.
  3. tag – a label or piece of paper attached to something to identify it.
  4. tam – a Scottish cap made of wool or similar material.
  5. tan – a yellowish-brown color.
  6. tao – the way or path followed in life.
  7. tap – a device used for controlling the flow of liquid.
  8. tar – a thick, dark, sticky substance used for road surfacing and roofing.
  9. tat – a type of needlework in which patterns are created by a series of knots.
  10. tau – the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet.
  11. tax – a compulsory contribution to state revenue.
  12. tea – a hot drink made by infusing dried leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.
  13. tee – a small peg with a concave top used to support a golf ball before it is hit.
  14. ten – the number equivalent to the product of two and five.
  15. tet – a four-sided figure, especially a regular one.
  16. the – used to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase.
  17. tho – though; however.
  18. thy – of or relating to the person or people addressed as the object of a verb or preposition.
  19. tic – a sudden, involuntary muscle contraction or twitch.
  20. tie – a strip of material used for fastening or attaching something.
  21. til – a variety of sesame with small seeds.
  22. tin – a silvery-white metallic element used to coat iron and steel to prevent rusting.
  23. tip – the pointed or rounded end of something.
  24. tit – a small songbird with typically colorful plumage.
  25. toa – a tree or shrub native to the Pacific islands.
  26. tod – a fox.
  27. toe – one of the digits of the foot.
  28. tog – a coat, jacket, or other item of clothing.
  29. tom – a male cat.
  30. ton – a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds.
  31. too – to an excessive extent or degree.
  32. top – the highest point or part of something.
  33. tor – a hill or rocky peak.
  34. tot – a small child.
  35. tow – the act of pulling a vehicle or boat with a rope or chain.
  36. toy – an object for a child to play with.
  37. try – make an attempt or effort to do something.
  38. tub – a large container for holding water or other liquids.
  39. tug – pull hard at something.
  40. tun – a large cask used for storing wine or beer.
  41. tup – a male sheep.
  42. tut – used to express disapproval or annoyance.
  43. tux – a man’s formal evening suit.
  44. two – the number equivalent to the sum of one and one.

3-Letter Words Starting With U With Their Meanings

Words: udo, ugh, ule, ult, ulu, umm, una, uni, upo, urb, urn, ute, uva


  1. udo – a type of plant
  2. ugh – an expression of disgust or dislike
  3. ule – a type of tree
  4. ult – an abbreviation for “ultimate” or “ultra”
  5. ulu – a type of knife
  6. umm – an expression used to indicate hesitation or uncertainty
  7. una – a feminine given name
  8. uni – short for “university” or a type of sushi
  9. upo – a type of squash
  10. urb – short for “urban”
  11. urn – a container for cremated remains
  12. ute – a type of pickup truck
  13. uva – short for “uvula” or a type of grape.

3-Letter Words Starting With V With Their Meanings

Words: vac, vad, vag, van, var, vas, vat, vau, vav, vaw, vex, via, vid, vie, vig, vim, vin, vis, viz


  1. vac: to leave or empty
  2. vad: a ford or shallow place in a river
  3. vag: a wandering journey or an aimless ramble
  4. van: a type of vehicle or the foremost position in an army
  5. var: a unit of electrical power or a variation or difference
  6. vas: a duct or vessel that carries bodily fluids
  7. vat: a large container for holding liquids, especially for fermenting or storing alcohol
  8. vau: the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  9. vav: the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  10. vaw: an obsolete form of the letter “w”
  11. vex: to irritate, annoy, or puzzle
  12. via: by way of or through
  13. vid: an abbreviation for video or vision
  14. vie: to compete or strive for victory or superiority
  15. vig: energy, liveliness, or vigor
  16. vim: energy, vitality, or enthusiasm
  17. vin: a type of wine or the Old French word for wine
  18. vis: strength or force, especially in a military context
  19. viz: namely, specifically, or in other words.

3-Letter Words Starting With W With Their Meanings

Words: wab, wad, wae, wag, wan, wap, war, was, wat, waw, wax, way, web, wed, wee, weft, weir, wel, wen, wet, wha, who, why, wig, win, wit, wiz, woe, won, woo, wop, wow, wry


  1. wab – a small swelling or lump
  2. wad – a small mass of soft material squeezed into a ball for use in various ways
  3. wae – Scottish term for woe or sorrow
  4. wag – to move or swing from side to side
  5. wan – pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion
  6. wap – to strike with a heavy blow
  7. war – a state of armed conflict between nations, states or societies
  8. was – the past tense of the verb “to be”
  9. wat – Scottish term for what
  10. waw – a large and powerful wave
  11. wax – a sticky yellowish substance used for making candles or as a coating to make something waterproof
  12. way – a method, style, or manner of doing something
  13. web – a network of fine threads, especially those made by a spider
  14. wed – to marry
  15. wee – very small
  16. weft – the crosswise threads on a loom over and under which other threads (the warp) are passed to make cloth
  17. weir – a low dam built across a river to raise the water level or to divert the flow
  18. wel – a damp or marshy area
  19. wen – a benign growth on the skin, usually on the scalp or face
  20. wet – covered or saturated with water or another liquid
  21. wha – Scottish term for who
  22. who – used to ask for information about a person’s identity
  23. why – used to ask for a reason or explanation
  24. wig – a covering for the head made of synthetic hair or real hair
  25. win – to achieve victory in a competition or game
  26. wit – the capacity for intelligent thought or reasonable understanding
  27. wiz – a wizard or a person with magical powers
  28. woe – great sorrow or distress
  29. won – past tense of “win”
  30. woo – to try to gain the love of someone
  31. wop – a sharp blow or punch
  32. wow – used to express excitement or enthusiasm
  33. wry – using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor

3-Letter Words Starting With X With Their Meanings

Words: xis, xiv, xox, xvi, xxx


  1. xis – A Greek letter, also spelled “xi,” used in mathematics and science.
  2. xiv – A Roman numeral representing the number 14.
  3. xox – An expression of affection or kisses in text messaging or social media.
  4. xvi – A Roman numeral representing the number 16.
  5. xxx – A symbol used to represent a kiss or an adult content rating in movies or TV shows.

3-Letter Words Starting With Y With Their Meanings

Words: yak, yam, yap, yaw, yay, yea, yen, yes, yet, yew, yid, yin, yip, yob, yod, yon, you, yup, yar, yeh, yep, yex, ygo, yis, yle, yom, yot, yow, yuk, yum, yup, yus


  1. yak: a large, shaggy-haired wild ox found in Tibet and other parts of Central Asia
  2. yam: a sweet potato-like root vegetable
  3. yap: to bark sharply or continuously
  4. yaw: to swerve off course momentarily, often in a sailing vessel
  5. yay: an exclamation of joy or excitement
  6. yea: an archaic word meaning “yes”
  7. yen: a strong longing or desire for something
  8. yes: an affirmative response or agreement
  9. yet: up to the present or a particular point in time; so far
  10. yew: an evergreen tree or shrub with dark needles and red, berry-like fruits
  11. yid: an offensive term for a Jewish person
  12. yin: the passive or negative principle in Chinese philosophy, opposite of yang
  13. yip: a short, sharp bark or cry
  14. yob: a rude, rowdy, or aggressive person
  15. yod: the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, also used in linguistics to refer to the sound represented by the letter y
  16. yon: at or in that place; over there
  17. you: used to refer to the person being addressed
  18. yup: an informal term for “yes”
  19. yar: a term used to describe something that is neat or cool (often used in British slang)
  20. yeh: an informal way of saying “yes”
  21. yep: an informal way of saying “yes”
  22. yex: to vex or irritate
  23. ygo: a term used in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! to indicate the start of a player’s turn
  24. yis: an informal way of saying “yes” (often used in Irish dialect)
  25. yle: an archaic word meaning “foolish”
  26. yom: a Jewish day of fasting and mourning
  27. yot: a Scottish term meaning “jot” or “tittle”
  28. yow: a term used to call or attract attention (often used in Scottish dialect)
  29. yuk: a term used to express disgust or distaste
  30. yum: an expression used to show pleasure or enjoyment
  31. yup: an informal way of saying “yes”
  32. yus: an informal way of saying “yes” (often used in British slang)

3-Letter Words Starting With Z With Their Meanings

Words: zag, zap, zas, zax, zea, zed, zee, zek, zen, zep, zex, zho, zig, zin, zip, zit, zoa, zol, zoo, zos, zou, zuz


  1. zag: to move abruptly or sharply
  2. zap: to strike or hit with a sudden burst of energy
  3. zas: an Arabic word for victory
  4. zax: a tool for cutting or trimming roofs
  5. zea: a type of grass also known as corn
  6. zed: the letter “Z” in the British alphabet
  7. zee: the letter “Z” in the American alphabet
  8. zek: a prisoner in a Soviet labor camp
  9. zen: a Japanese school of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation and intuition
  10. zep: a type of sandwich made with a long roll of bread
  11. zex: a unit of magnetic flux density
  12. zho: an abbreviation for the Chinese language
  13. zig: to move in a zigzag pattern
  14. zin: a type of red wine
  15. zip: to fasten or open a garment or bag using a zipper
  16. zit: a small pimple or skin blemish
  17. zoa: a plural form of “zoon,” which is an animal or organism
  18. zol: a brand of sleeping pills
  19. zoo: a place where live animals are exhibited and studied
  20. zos: an abbreviation for “zoster” or shingles, a viral disease
  21. zou: a dance popular in French Caribbean music
  22. zuz: a type of silver coin used in Israel in ancient times

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