18 Miss You Messages And Texts For Husband

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Get a collection of miss you messages and texts for husband.

Miss you messages for husband

1. I am locked in your thoughts and you took the key with you. Come back soon and rescue me. I miss you my dear husband!

2. I don’t miss you because I feel lonely without you. But I miss you because your presence can light up my life like a thousand stars!

3. I don’t want any reason to miss you. I don’t even need any chance to miss you. I miss you every now and then. This is who I am and the way I love you!

4. I hate dreaming of you and then waking up only to realize that you are so far away from me. You have no idea how much I am missing you every moment!

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5. I miss the birthday boy and the man of my life. Come home to me and be with me always. Happy birthday dear husband. you are my soulmate.

6. I miss your sweet smile, I miss your loving touch and I miss your soft voice. But above all I miss the person I am when I was with you!

7. If I could, I would fly to you right now and be on your side. I want to take your hand and hug you. i want to kiss you I want to feel your love once again.

8. If you were with me, every morning would be much brighter. If you were here with me, every night would be even more romantic. I miss you!

9. It doesn’t matter how far we are; I am always with you. remember that.

10. Missing my beautiful husband can be painful, but he should know that he deserves it. Yes, I love you as much.

11. Missing you becomes a luxury because I know you are always with me. But I enjoy doing it when I’m away from you.

12. Remembering you for a lifetime is one of the rights that I have earned on the day of my fast. I love to miss you when you’re not with me, my hubby. I love you.

13. The days would be much bigger if we could spend it lying together reminding us of our love. Miss you, my dear husband.

14. Time is rude to me, and I cannot stay in a place without you even for a moment. Is it okay to miss you so much, my dear?

15. Waking up in bed without you next to me makes me feel very lonely, which makes me believe that you should be lonely too and it breaks my heart even more. I miss you

16. When I miss you, I think of the memories that are with us. But then I miss you even more!

17. Without you my nights are long and sleepless. I miss you badly. I can’t hold you in my arms. Please come back asap.

18. You are the moonlight that shines on my soul and reflects purity. Missing you, my handsome man.