20 Miss You Messages For Love

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Get a collection of miss you messages and texts for love.

Miss you messages for love

1. Distance is not what defines true love, and true love is what you have in your mind for the person you really love.

2. Do not forget that somewhere someone is wishing you happiness. Missing you!

3. I am lost without your presence and cannot function properly. I still love you and always will. I want you back

4. I don’t like the fact that separation is our current state, but the thought of your smile always comes to my mind which fills my mind and warms my heart.

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5. I don’t think I can be happy again until we meet again, you are the epitome of joy you sent me. I miss you

6. I don’t understand why I miss you so much. And I don’t know why my heart wants to see you so much. Maybe, it’s because I love you.

7. I have no one except you. Without your love, there is no warmth in my life. You have opened an Eden for me into which I want to dive. I miss you

8. I know that I miss you very much because every time I close my eyes, all I see is your face.

9. I miss the warm hug you used to give me every time we saw each other. It makes me sad that you are not around, and I miss you so much.

10. I want to hold your hand, hold you close, hug you tightly, kiss you softly, and make you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heartbeat just for you. I miss you

11. I wish the lack of the prettiest boy on this earth was a disease, and a cure because I’m having this syndrome now. Missing you a lot.

12. I’ve had a master’s degree in Missing You since you left me. If we don’t meet soon, I’ll get a Ph.D. can be awarded.

13. It is easy to remember loved ones but very difficult to remember loved ones.

14. Moments are making me miss you more and more, and I purely hate them. Would you please come and shower me with your lovely kisses?

15. There is no doubt that distance can be tough in a relationship, but I want to assure you that distance can never weaken my love for you. You are in my heart forever!

16. What has done the distance to me, now I have become so sad that you are far away from me. I miss you

17. When I miss you, it’s not just a habit; This is a great addition. I miss you so much; Please check back soon.

18. When you are not with me, my heart feels lonely. Will you please return home soon? I miss you

19. Whenever I think of you, I always hold my breath and I stand here still and you are miles away.

20. You are the last piece of the puzzle that completes my life and makes it full of your charm and love. Miss you on the moon and back, dear husband.