34 Mortal Kombat Trivia Questions With Answers

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If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat then here is the list of Mortal Kombat trivia questions and answers for you to test your knowledge.

Mortal Kombat Trivia With Answers

1. A handful of people on a leaky boat are gonna save the world? Answer: Sonya

2. Goro broke my glasses but he could not break me. Who played me? Answer: Linden Ashby

3. I dropped one of Johnny Cage’s suitcases into the water. Who played me? Answer: Robin Shou

4. I literally gave Kano a break. Who played me? Answer: Bridgette Wilson

5. In Liu Kang’s dream, what does Shang Tsung say as he is killing Liu’s brother? Answer: You will be next!

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6. We’re standing, they’re not. What more do you want? Answer: Johnny Cage

7. What does Johnny Cage say to his attackers while filming his movie? Answer: ‘Let’s Dance’

8. What does Liu Kang mistake Rayden for? Answer: A beggar

9. What is Sonya’s code name? Answer: Blackhawk

10. What special move does Liu Kang use to defeat Shang Tsung? Answer: Dragon Fireball

11. Who does Liu Kang NOT fight in the movie? Answer: Scorpion

12. Who is Johnny Cage’s master? Answer: Boyd

13. Who is Liu Kang’s brother? Answer: Chan

14. Who is Liu Kang’s famous ancestor, who once won Mortal Kombat? Answer: Kung Lao

15. Who is the first person that Johny Cage fights? Answer: Scorpion

16. Who is the first person to compete in the tournament? Answer: Liu Kang

17. Who played Johnny Cage? Answer: Linden Ashby

18. According to Sub-Zero what is Lui Kang not ready for? Answer: what lies ahead

19. I gave Liu some pointers on his fight with Sub Zero. Who played me? Answer: Talisa Soto

20. Most of my power as a fighter came from deceased warriors’ souls. Who played me? Answer: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

21. What does Liu say after defeating Reptile? Answer: “Oh, no you don’t!”

22. What doesn’t work on Shang Tsung’s island? Answer: Sonya’s Radio

23. What is Jax’s codename in the movie? Answer: Cardinal

24. What is the only special move that Johnny Cage does successfully in the movie? Answer: Splitz Punch

25. Who becomes Shao Kahn’s new general after Shao Kahn kills Rain? Answer: Queen Sindel

26. Who ejects Kano from the tournament? Answer: Sonya

27. Who is Kano? Answer: Mafia leader

28. Who is Sonya intent on killing? Answer: Kano

29. Who is Sonya’s partner? Answer: Jax

30. Who is the 10,000-year-old princess whom Liu Kang takes a liking to? Answer: Kitana

31. Who is the first character to learn from Raiden’s advice? Answer: Johnny Cage

32. Who killed Liu Kang’s brother? Answer: Shang Tsung

33. Who was the person who defeats Goro? Answer: Johnny Cage

34. With what does Johnny Cage stop Scorpion? Answer: A shield and spear