100 Oldest Billionaires in the World 2023

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The world of billionaires is a constantly evolving one, with new names being added to the list every year. However, there are some individuals who have been in the game for a long time and have managed to accumulate immense wealth over the years. These are the Oldest Billionaires in the World in 2023.

Who are Oldest Billionaires in the World in 2023?

With a net worth of $1.5 billion, George Joseph is one of the oldest billionaires in the world. Robert Kuok, with a net worth of $11.8 billion, is another name that has been in the billionaire’s club for a long time. Charles Munger, with a net worth of $2.3 billion, is a well-known investor and philanthropist, known for his wisdom and investments. David Murdock, with the same net worth of $2.3 billion, is a real estate tycoon who has made his fortune in the industry. Lastly, Keshub Mahindra, with a net worth of $1.3 billion, is the chairman of one of India’s largest conglomerates, the Mahindra Group. These are some of the oldest billionaires in the world, who have not only accumulated wealth but have also made a significant impact in their respective industries.

100 Oldest Billionaires in the World 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSourceCountry
11958George Joseph$1.5 B101insuranceUnited States
2151Robert Kuok$11.8 B99palm oil, shipping, propertyMalaysia
31342Charles Munger$2.3 B99Berkshire HathawayUnited States
41354David Murdock$2.3 B99Dole, real estateUnited States
52116Keshub Mahindra$1.3 B99diversifiedIndia
6611Masatoshi Ito$4.5 B98retailJapan
71219S. Daniel Abraham$2.5 B98Slim-FastUnited States
81879Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata$1.5 B98mining, bankingPeru
9376Ted Lerner & family$6.7 B97real estateUnited States
101834Stephen Jarislowsky$1.6 B97money managementCanada
111996John Farber$1.4 B97chemicalsUnited States
12410Stef Wertheimer & family$6.2 B96metalworking toolsIsrael
13577Charles Dolan & family$4.8 B96cable televisionUnited States
14665Traudl Engelhorn & family$4.2 B96pharmaceuticals, medical equipmentGermany
151339Alberto Roemmers$2.3 B96pharmaceuticalsArgentina
161481Alice Schwartz$2.0 B96biotechUnited States
172067Nobutoshi Shimamura$1.4 B96retailJapan
182293Bernard Lewis & family$1.2 B96fashion retailerUnited Kingdom
1944Lee Shau Kee$30.0 B95real estateHong Kong
20127Goh Cheng Liang$14.2 B95paintsSingapore
21981Jean Coutu & family$3.0 B95drugstoresCanada
221089Sergio Mantegazza$2.8 B95travelSwitzerland
231596Shi Wen-long$1.9 B95plasticsTaiwan
241764Billy Joe (Red) McCombs$1.7 B95real estate, oil, cars, sportsUnited States
251906Sidney Kimmel$1.5 B95retailUnited States
261960Wilma Tisch$1.5 B95diversifiedUnited States
2732Li Ka-shing$38.8 B94diversifiedHong Kong
28159Jim Pattison$11.3 B94diversifiedCanada
29293Wee Cho Yaw$7.6 B94bankingSingapore
30333Gordon Moore$7.1 B94IntelUnited States
31454Lin Shu-hong$5.7 B94petrochemicalsTaiwan
32739James Irving$3.9 B94diversifiedCanada
331401Semahat Sevim Arsel$2.2 B94diversifiedTurkey
341532Mohamed Al Fayed$2.0 B94retail, investmentsEgypt
351946Alan Gerry$1.5 B94cable televisionUnited States
362219Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwono$1.2 B94palm oil, nickel miningIndonesia
37119Kwong Siu-hing$14.9 B93real estateHong Kong
38125Lui Che Woo$14.5 B93casinos/hotelsHong Kong
39155Donald Newhouse$11.6 B93mediaUnited States
40220Bernard Marcus$8.9 B93Home DepotUnited States
41448Archie Aldis Emmerson & family$5.7 B93timberland, lumber millsUnited States
42588Arthur Irving$4.7 B93oilCanada
43729W. Herbert Hunt$3.9 B93oilUnited States
441977Mochtar Riady & family$1.4 B93diversifiedIndonesia
452535Morris Kahn$1.0 B93softwareIsrael
465Warren Buffett$107.4 B92Berkshire HathawayUnited States
47369George Soros$6.7 B92hedge fundsUnited States
48422Frank Lowy$6.0 B92shopping mallsAustralia
49527Jaran Chiaravanont$5.1 B92diversifiedThailand
50731Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti & family$3.9 B92diversifiedBrazil
51997Bernard Ecclestone & family$3.0 B92Formula OneUnited Kingdom
521248Lachhman Das Mittal$2.5 B92tractorsIndia
531527Mustafa Rahmi Koc$2.0 B92diversifiedTurkey
5490Rupert Murdoch & family$18.3 B91newspapers, TV networkUnited States
55251Kushal Pal Singh$8.3 B91real estateIndia
56371Benu Gopal Bangur$6.7 B91cementIndia
57480Nathan Kirsh$5.4 B91retail, real estateEswatini (Swaziland)
58536Montri Jiaravanont$5.1 B91diversifiedThailand
59580Johnelle Hunt$4.7 B91truckingUnited States
60955Vanich Chaiyawan$3.1 B91insurance, beveragesThailand
611229Doris Fisher$2.5 B91GapUnited States
621246Charles Bronfman$2.5 B91liquorCanada
631309William Boyd & family$2.3 B91casinos, bankingUnited States
641320Morris Chang$2.3 B91semiconductorsTaiwan
651409Prathap Reddy$2.2 B91healthcareIndia
661535Wang Ren-sheng$2.0 B91retailTaiwan
6793Donald Bren$17.4 B90real estateUnited States
68368Lucia Maggi & family$6.7 B90agribusinessBrazil
69399Luis Carlos Sarmiento$6.4 B90bankingColombia
70466Charles B. Johnson$5.5 B90Franklin TempletonUnited States
71652Marian Ilitch$4.3 B90Little Caesars PizzaUnited States
72709Bernard Saul II$4.0 B90banking, real estateUnited States
73731Ermirio Pereira de Moraes & family$3.9 B90diversifiedBrazil
74956Sheldon Lavin$3.1 B90meat processingUnited States
751001Norman Braman$3.0 B90art, car dealershipsUnited States
761042Erwin Franz Mueller$2.9 B90drugstoresGermany
771082Eleanor Butt Crook & family$2.8 B90supermarketsUnited States
781594Eduardo Eurnekian$1.9 B90airports, investmentsArgentina
791600Vardis Vardinoyannis & family$1.9 B90oil and gasGreece
801675Hal Jackman$1.8 B90insurance, investmentsCanada
812017Scott Lin$1.4 B90optical componentsTaiwan
822159Othman Benjelloun & family$1.3 B90banking, insuranceMorocco
8370Leonard Lauder$22.5 B89Estee LauderUnited States
84123Harry Triguboff$14.7 B89real estateAustralia
85341Pauline MacMillan Keinath$7.0 B89CargillUnited States
86416Hasmukh Chudgar & family$6.1 B89pharmaceuticalsIndia
87427Frits Goldschmeding$5.9 B89temp agencyNetherlands
88631Margot Birmingham Perot$4.4 B89computer services, real estateUnited States
89746Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth$3.9 B89hospitalsThailand
901028Georg Nemetschek & family$2.9 B89softwareGermany
911430Gordon Getty$2.1 B89Getty OilUnited States
921580Robert Miller$1.9 B89retailUnited Kingdom
931752Rajju Shroff$1.7 B89agrochemicalsIndia
941758Stanley Hubbard$1.7 B89DirecTVUnited States
951783Josef Boquoi & family$1.6 B89frozen foodsGermany
962325Forrest Preston$1.2 B89health careUnited States
972448Bruce Nordstrom$1.1 B89Nordstrom department storesUnited States
98305Giorgio Armani$7.5 B88luxury goodsItaly
99382Dennis Washington$6.6 B88construction, miningUnited States
100431John Brown$5.8 B88medical equipmentUnited States

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