Overwatch 2 Season 3 Trailer Revealed The Released Date

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The developer of Overwatch 2, Blizzard, has unveiled the Season 3 trailer which will be launched tomorrow February 7th.

The Overwatch 2 Season 3 trailer was released on the official Twitter page, showcasing a highly-anticipated collaboration with the hit anime, One Punch Man. As part of this event, Doomfist, one of the Damage heroes in the game, will receive a skin based on the main character, Saitama. This legendary-tier skin will be available for players who complete event-themed challenges between March 7 and April 6, 2023.

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is set to begin on February 7, 2023 and will also feature a new collection of skins based on Japanese mythology. This collection will include a Mythic Kiriko skin and will be available in the shop and Battle Pass. In addition, Overwatch 2’s Control mode will receive its first exclusive map set in Antarctica, which was revealed in Mei’s “Rise and Shine” cinematic.

Other events planned for Season 3 include Valentine’s Day-themed occasions, Loverwatch Dating and Ultimate Valentine’s Event, as well as the return of the PachiMarchi event with a new limited-time game mode. Get ready to experience all the exciting updates coming to Overwatch 2 Season 3.

About Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a team-based first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the sequel to the popular game Overwatch, which was released in 2016. Overwatch 2 will feature new characters, maps, and game modes, as well as a new story-based PvE mode. The game is set to build upon the foundation of its predecessor, offering players a thrilling and engaging experience that is sure to keep them entertained for hours.

The gameplay of Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 gameplay will consist of both PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) modes. The PvP mode will include familiar game modes from the original Overwatch game, such as Assault, Escort, Hybrid, and Control. These modes will feature 5v5 team-based battles set across various maps, where players will compete against each other to complete objectives or eliminate their opponents.

In the PvE mode, players will be able to participate in cooperative story-based missions, where they will work together to defeat enemy AI and complete objectives. This mode will allow players to dive deeper into the Overwatch universe and experience the world and its characters in a new way.

Overwatch 2 will also feature new characters, maps, and abilities, as well as improved graphics and updated gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to choose from a roster of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle, and work together to defeat the enemy. The game is expected to offer an engaging and challenging experience, where teamwork and strategy will be key to success.

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