94 Pet Riddles For Kids With Answers

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Check out here the list of some pet riddles for kids with answers.

Pet Riddles For Kids And Students

1. A dog had three puppies, named Mopsy, Topsy, and Spot. What was the mother’s name? Answer: What

2. A dog leash is attached to a dog and is 3.2 meters long. A bone is 7.8 meters away from the dog. How does the dog get the bone? Answer: It simply walks to the bone!

3. A fast-food restaurant sells chicken in orders of 6,9 and 20. What’s the largest number of pieces of chicken you cannot order from the restaurant? Answer: 43 is the last number that doesn’t fall into these categories.

4. A mouse, a squirrel, a duck, a chicken, and an elephant are sitting on the side of the road. Someone offers them a lift, but one prefers to stay. Who preferred to stay? Answer: The Elephant Stayed. If you didn’t know, elephants are scared of mice.

5. A pig lives on a pig farm, a cow lives on a cow farm, a sheep lives on a sheep farm, a chicken lives on a chicken farm. Where do horses live? Answer: On a ranch.

6. All of Mrs. Smith’s pets are dogs except one, and all her pets are cats except one. How many cats and dogs does she have? Answer: Mrs. Smith has one cat and one dog.

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7. Forward I am an animal, but backward I am one who no man can ever see. What am I? Answer: I am a dog.

8. Four hang, four sprang, two-point the way, two to ward off dogs, one dangles after, always rather dirty. What am I? Answer: A cow.

9. How can you tell the difference between dogs and trees? Answer: By their bark.

10. How do you know when your cat has been using your computer? Answer: When your mouse has teeth marks on it!

11. How far can a dog run into the woods? Answer: Halfway, any farther and he would be running out of the woods.

12. I have a house with no doors no windows, nothing. If I want to get out I break the wall. Who am I? Answer: Chicken as if it wants to come out it breaks the wall.

13. I may be your best friend, but I depend on you. In the brink of danger, it is you I will defend. What am I? Answer: A dog.

14. I’m a pet that has four legs, and a tail at the end. You might hear me barking, and I’m known as man’s best friend. Answer: Dog.

15. I’m like a dog with the tail that wags and all but am not a dog. What am I? Answer: I am a puppy.

16. If a dog is tied to a piece of rope that is 6m long, how can he reach a bone that is 7m away? Answer: The other end is not tied to anything.

17. If it takes 5 microwaves and 5 minutes to cook 5 chickens, how long does it take 100 microwaves to cook 100 chickens? Answer: 5 minutes. We can assume that one chicken is placed in each microwave and that each chicken takes 5 minutes to cook.

18. If there are four sheep, two dogs and one herds-men, how many feet are there? Answer: Two. Sheep have hooves; dogs have paws; only people have feet.

19. It is said among my people that some things are improved by death. Tell me, what stinks while living, but in death, smells good? Answer: A Pig.

20. Petting a cat often evokes this response? Answer: Purr

21. Stranger: Does your dog bite? Farmer: Nope. All of a sudden the dog bites the stranger on the leg. Yet the farmer was telling the truth! How can this be? Answer: It was not the farmer’s dog!

22. There are 10 dogs in a yard. 3 go out, 4 run behind a tree, and 2 jump in the hole. How many are left? Answer: 10. Because none of them left the yard.

23. There are 2 ducks in front of 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks behind 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks beside 2 other ducks. How many ducks are there? Answer: Just four, in a square formation.

24. To you, rude would I never be, Though I flag my tongue for all to see. What am I? Answer: A dog!

25. Twenty-seven ducks are going to the pond. Five of them got lost, thirteen of them are staying home, and nine of them are at the pond. Where are the rest of them? Answer: There aren’t any anywhere else.

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26. Two dogs are sitting on a porch – a fat dog and a thin dog. The little dog is the son of the fat dog, but the fat dog is not the father of the thin dog. Can you explain? Answer: The fat dog is the mother.

27. Under no circumstances compute the number of your barnyard fowl previous to their incubation. What is the proverb? Answer: Do not count your chickens before they hatch.

28. What animal keeps the best time? Answer: A Watchdog

29. What animal would you get crossed a duck, a beaver, and an otter? Answer: A platypus.

30. What animals are the best pets? Answer: Cats, because they are purr-fect!

31. What did the falling space rock say when it landed on a pig farm? Answer: Move over bacon, here comes something Meteor!

Pet Riddles [32 to 62]

32. What did the scientist get when he crossed a chicken and a cow? Answer: Roost beef.

33. What do you call a car made of pigs? Answer: A “ham”borgini.

34. What do you call a chicken with bad sunburn? Answer: Fried Chicken.

35. What do you call a crate of ducks? Answer: A box of quakers!

36. What do you call a pig that does karate? Answer: A Porkchop.

37. What do you call pigs that write letters to each other? Answer: Pen Pals.

38. What do you do when your dog makes you breakfast? Answer: You get pooched eggs

39. What do you get if you cross a hen with a guitar? Answer: A chicken that plucks itself.

40. What do you get when you cross a dog and a clock? Answer: Lots and lots of tics!

41. What do you get when you cross a pig with a dinosaur? Answer: Jurassic pork!

42. What do you get when you cross Santa Claus and a duck? Answer: A Christmas quacker.

43. What do you give a sick pig? Answer: An “oinkment”

44. What does a chicken say instead of good? Answer: EGGcelent

45. What does a dog become when it walks from Britain to Spain? Answer: Perro.

46. What does the cow say when he agrees with the duck? Answer: The feeling is mootual.

47. What happened when the rubber duckie fell into the bathtub? Answer: It quacked up.

48. What happens after it rains cats and dogs? Answer: You step in a poodle.

49. What happens to the dog when it stands in front of the hot sun? Answer: It becomes a hotdog.

50. What is a dog’s name with one letter and one number? Answer: K9 (canine).

51. What is more amazing than a talking dog? Answer: A spelling bee

52. What is the nearest thing to a cat with it’s nose pressed to the window watching a bird? Answer: The window

53. What is the smallest sentence with all letters in the English alphabet? Answer: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

54. What kind of dog does Dracula have? Answer: A blood-hound.

55. What pen should never be used for writing? Answer: A pig-pen.

56. What position do pigs play on the baseball field? Answer: Short-stop.

57. What time does a duck get up? Answer: At the quack of dawn.

58. What type of dog does a vampire have? Answer: A Bloodhound!

59. What type of dogs do scientists have? Answer: Laboratory retrievers.

60. What wears a coat all year-round? Answer: A dog.

61. What would you name your dogs Rolex and Timex? Answer: If you needed some watch dogs!

62. What’s it called when a cat wins a dog show? Answer: A cat-has-trophy!

Pet Riddles With Answers

63. When is a dog’s tail not a tail? Answer: When it’s a wag’n

64. When is the worst weather for rats and mice? Answer: When it rains cats and dogs.

65. Where do pet hamsters come from? Answer: Hamsterdam!

66. Where should you put a noisy dog? Answer: In a barking lot!

67. Which one of your pets should you scare on Halloween? Answer: Scare-de-cat!

68. While on my way to St. Ives, I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. Each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kitten, cats, sacks, wives, How many were going to St. Ives? Answer: Just one, me.

69. Who is the meanest goat in the west? Answer: Billy the Kid.

70. Why can’t you play basketball with pigs? Answer: Because they will “hog” the ball!

71. Why did Mama Duck scold her goslings? Answer: For eating quackers in bed.

72. Why did Momma Pig leave her husband? Answer: Because he was a boar.

73. Why did the chicken cross the playground? Answer: To get to the other slide!

74. Why did the chicken cross the road twice, and jump in mud? Answer: He was a dirty double-crosser.

75. Why did the duck get fired from his Easter job? Answer: He kept quacking the eggs.

76. Why did the sheriff arrest the chicken? Answer: It used fowl language

77. Why did the skeleton climb up the tree? Answer: Because the dog was after his bones.

78. Why did the squirrel lay only its back on the river? Answer: To keep its “nuts” dry.

79. Why did the turkey cross the road? Answer: To prove he wasn’t chicken.

80. Why did the woolly mammoth cross the road? Answer: Because there were no chickens in the ice age!

81. Why do chickens lay eggs? Answer: Because if they drop them, they will break.

82. Why do dogs run in circles? Answer: Because its hard to run in squares!

83. Why do you need a license for a dog but not for a cat? Answer: Cats can’t drive!

84. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? Answer: Because, if it had four it would be a sedan.

85. Why don’t chickens play baseball? Answer: Because they hit fowl balls.

86. Why don’t dogs make good dancers? Answer: Because they have two left feet.

87. Why is it that Snoop Dogg needs an umbrella? Answer: Because of the drizzle.

88. Why was the chicken forbidden from sending e-mails? Answer: Because he kept using fowl language.

89. Why was the dog kicked out of the flea circus? Answer: Because he stole the show!

90. Why was the Easter egg hiding? Answer: It was a little chicken!

91. Why was the pig a bad teammate? Answer: He was a ball hog.

92. You have seven pens and nine pigs. You must arrange the pens so that each pen has an even number of pigs. Zero is not allowed, nor will it work. How do you do this? Answer: Stack the pens.

93. You walk into a room with a rabbit holding a carrot, a pig eating slop, and a chimp holding a banana. Which animal in the room is the smartest? Answer: You, hopefully.

94. You’re never too old to learn. What is the contradictory proverb? Answer: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.