33 Psychology Facts To Understand Your Mind

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Get here the list of some psychology facts.

1 to 11 Psychology Facts

1. An average individual’s mind wanders 30% of the time.

2. An individual still has 7 minutes of neural activity before he passes away.

3. Cognitive dissonance is when you have two contradictory values, and you change one to match another.

4. Easy access to information can make it harder to remember

5. Eye pupil rises to 45% when an individual looks at somebody they love.

6. Five minutes without oxygen can cause brain damage

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7. Food prepared by someone else tastes much better than your own preparation, even when you use the same recipe.

8. Hearing a single negative thing could damage at least five positive memories.

9. If you can’t interrupt the stream of thinking at night, write it down. This is going to put your mind at ease so that you can relax.

10. Individuals who have a deep sense of guilt are better at identifying the emotions and concerns of the people around them.

11. Larger groups make worse and more subjective choices than smaller groups of people.

12 to 22 Psychology Facts

12. Memories are stored for both short-term and long-term use at the same time

13. More than 100,000 chemical reactions take place in the brain every second

14. People are much more likely to return a missing wallet if a picture of a child is found inside.

15. People read quicker with longer lines but prefer shorter lines.

16. People who speak two languages can unintentionally change their personalities when they switch to speak from one language to another.

17. People would rather change the truth than change their views about people.

18. Researchers have observed that thinking that something bad is going to happen is less stressful to understand than not understanding how it will eventually wind up.

19. Smart people tend to have fewer mates than the average person. The smarter the individual, the more selective they become.

20. Studies have shown that consuming food without preservatives will increase I.Q by up to 14%.

21. Studies say that individuals who could instinctively use sarcasm to tackle a frivolous question have healthy minds.

22. Sweating can temporarily shrink the brain

23 to 33 Psychology Facts

23. The broken heart condition is also called stress cardiomyopathy, which could lead to critical, short-term heart muscle dysfunction.

24. The force of authority may have the same effect on a human as a traumatic brain injury.

25. The study showed that information could last longer in the mind of a person evaluated for it than if it were only examined without the need for instant recall.

26. Those who take a quiz twice are 65% more likely to remember the facts

27. Vitamin B1 can help improve short- and long-term memory

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29. We’re naturally second-minded because other people don’t approve.

30. Women have half as many pain receptors on their bodies as males, but they have a much greater threshold for pain.

31. Yawning to have someone else’s yawn is a normal phenomenon, despite not feeling exhausted or asleep. One of the myths regarding its infectiousness is that people ‘catch’ it to express empathy.

32. You are in an endless pursuit of human faces in inanimate objects.

33. You seem to think more about a specific individual than about catastrophic events.