Richest People in Brazil: Top 30 Billionaires in Brazil 2023

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In 2023, Brazil is home to some of the richest people on the planet. The top 30 billionaires in Brazil are a diverse group, each with their own unique story of success and wealth.

Richest People in Brazil 2023

From Jorge Paulo Lemann, whose fortune is estimated at $15.7 billion, to Marcel Herrmann Telles with $10.6 billion, the richest people in Brazil are a testament to the country’s economic prowess. Eduardo Saverin, with a net worth of $10.5 billion, is another of Brazil’s richest people, while Carlos Alberto Sicupira is worth an impressive $8.6 billion. The Safra siblings round out the list with a combined fortune of $7.4 billion, showcasing the incredible diversity and wealth of Brazil’s billionaire class.

Top 30 Billionaires in Brazil 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
1110Jorge Paulo Lemann & family$15.7 B83beer
2178Marcel Herrmann Telles$10.6 B73beer
3179Eduardo Saverin$10.5 B40Facebook
4235Carlos Alberto Sicupira & family$8.6 B75beer
5314Safra siblings$7.4 Bbanking
6360Lucia Maggi & family$6.8 B90agribusiness
7471Alexandre Behring$5.5 B55investments
8534Jorge Moll Filho & family$5.1 B78hospitals
9577Luciano Hang$4.8 B60department stores
10603Andre Esteves$4.6 B54banking
11721Ermirio Pereira de Moraes & family$4.0 B90diversified
12721Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti & family$4.0 B92diversified
13869Walter Faria$3.4 B67beer
14938Miguel Krigsner$3.2 B73cosmetics
151090Jose Joao Abdalla Filho$2.8 B77investments
161104Maurizio Billi$2.8 B65generic drugs
171179Joesley Batista$2.6 B51beef processing
181179Wesley Batista$2.6 B50beef packing
191216Alceu Elias Feldmann$2.5 B73fertilizer
201245Abilio dos Santos Diniz$2.5 B86retail
211302Lirio Parisotto$2.4 B69investments
221548Julio Bozano$1.9 B87banking
231567Pedro Moreira Salles$1.9 B63banking, minerals
241607Ilson Mateus & family$1.9 B60supermarkets
251658Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles$1.8 B76banking, minerals
261658Joao Moreira Salles$1.8 B61banking, minerals
271658Walther Moreira Salles Junior$1.8 B66banking, minerals
281687Jose Roberto Marinho$1.8 B67media
291690Joao Roberto Marinho$1.8 B69media
301708Roberto Irineu Marinho$1.7 B75media

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Source: Forbes