Richest People in Canada: Top 30 Billionaires in Canada 2023

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It is no surprise that Canada is home to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals also. In 2023, the top 30 richest people in Canada have a combined net worth of over $200 billion. These individuals come from a range of industries, including technology, retail, and natural resources.

Richest People in Canada 2023

Among the top five richest people in Canada, we have David Thomson & family ($54.0 B), Jim Pattison ($11.4 B), David Cheriton ($9.7 B), Anthony von Mandl ($9.0 B), and Joseph Tsai ($8.4 B). These individuals have made a significant impact on the Canadian economy and have left a lasting impression on the global business landscape. Join us as we explore the list of these top 30 richest people in Canada.

Top 30 Billionaires in Canada 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
123David Thomson & family$54.0 B65media
2159Jim Pattison$11.4 B94diversified
3204David Cheriton$9.7 B71Google
4217Anthony von Mandl$9.0 B72alcoholic beverages
5243Joseph Tsai$8.4 B59e-commerce
6433Alain Bouchard$5.8 B73convinience stores
7472Chip Wilson$5.5 B66Lululemon
8501Mark Scheinberg$5.3 B49online gambling
9544Emanuele (Lino) Saputo & family$5.0 B86cheese
10575Tobi Lutke$4.8 B42e-commerce
11587Arthur Irving$4.7 B93oil
12618Changpeng Zhao$4.5 B45cryptocurrency exchange
13642Bruce Flatt$4.4 B57money management
14665Daryl Katz$4.3 B61pharmacies
15736Carlo Fidani$3.9 B68real estate
16740James Irving$3.9 B94diversified
17817Leonid Boguslavsky$3.6 B71venture capital
18844Peter Gilgan$3.5 B72homebuilding
19883Barry Zekelman$3.3 B56steel
20964Bob Gaglardi$3.1 B81hotels
21978Jean Coutu & family$3.1 B95drugstores
221014Garrett Camp$3.0 B44Uber
231025Pan Dong$2.9 B58consumer goods
241058Lawrence Stroll$2.9 B63fashion investments
251076Jacques D’Amours$2.8 B66convenience stores
261094Mitchell Goldhar$2.8 B61real estate
271119Mark Leonard & family$2.7 B66software
281163Stephen Smith$2.6 B71finance and investments
291164N. Murray Edwards$2.6 B63oil & gas
301178Serge Godin$2.6 B73information technology

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Source: Forbes