Richest People in China: Top 30 Billionaires in China 2023

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China is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, and it is home to some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. In 2023, the top 30 richest people in China have a combined net worth of over $600 billion. These individuals come from a range of industries, including technology, retail, and real estate.

Richest People in China 2023

Among the top five richest people in China, we have Zhong Shanshan ($68.7 B), Zhang Yiming ($49.5 B), Ma Huateng ($40.3 B), Colin Zheng Huang ($33.1 B), and William Lei Ding ($28.3 B). These individuals have made a significant impact on the Chinese economy and have left a lasting impression on the global business landscape. Join us as we explore the list of the top 30 richest people in China.

Top 30 Billionaires in China 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
115Zhong Shanshan$68.7 B68beverages, pharmaceuticals
225Zhang Yiming$49.5 B39TikTok
329Ma Huateng$40.3 B51internet media
440Colin Zheng Huang$33.1 B43e-commerce
548William Lei Ding$28.3 B51online games
662Jack Ma$24.7 B58e-commerce
763He Xiangjian & family$24.5 B80home appliances
866Wang Wei$23.9 B52package delivery
970Wang Chuanfu$22.8 B56batteries, automobiles
1071Li Shufu$22.8 B59automobiles
1180Qin Yinglin$20.6 B57pig breeding
1283Wang Wenyin$19.9 B55mining, copper products
1395Huang Shilin$17.3 B56batteries
1497Pang Kang$17.1 B67soy sauce
15107Lu Xiangyang$16.0 B60automobiles, batteries
16111Wei Jianjun & family$15.6 B58automobiles
17118Chen Bang$15.1 B57hospitals
18138Jiang Rensheng & family$13.3 B69vaccines
19147Richard Liu$12.3 B48e-commerce
20150Liu Hanyuan$12.2 B59agribusiness
21165Dang Yanbao$11.2 B50coal
22166Wu Yajun$11.2 B59real estate
23170Lei Jun$10.9 B53smartphones
24185Luo Liguo & family$10.4 B66chemicals
25186Jin Baofang$10.3 B70solar panels
26187Liu Yongxing$10.3 B74diversified
27188Yang Huiyan & family$10.2 B41real estate
28191Pei Zhenhua$10.1 B64batteries
29193Chris Xu$10.0 B39e-commerce
30205Li Zhenguo & family$9.6 B55solar wafers and modules

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Source: Forbes