Richest People in Germany: Top 30 Billionaires in Germany 2023

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Germany is known for its thriving economy and innovative companies, and it’s no surprise that this has resulted in the creation of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The richest people in Germany in 2023 are a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business leaders, each with their own unique story of success.

Richest People in Germany 2023

Leading the rank is Dieter Schwarz, the founder of the German retail giant Lidl, who has a net worth of $39.2 billion. Klaus-Michael Kuehne, the founder of Kuehne + Nagel, a global logistics company, follows close behind with a net worth of $32.3 billion. Susanne Klatten, the heiress of the BMW fortune, is also among the top 5 richest people in Germany, with a net worth of $27.8 billion. Stefan Quandt, a shareholder in BMW, has a net worth of $24.8 billion, while Reinhold Wuerth and family, the founder of Wuerth Group, a multinational company specializing in fastening and assembly technology, have a net worth of $16.6 billion. These individuals are an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders alike, and their continued success serves as a testament to the strength of Germany’s economy.

Top 30 Billionaires in Germany 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
130Dieter Schwarz$39.2 B83retail
242Klaus-Michael Kuehne$32.3 B85shipping
350Susanne Klatten$27.8 B60BMW, pharmaceuticals
460Stefan Quandt$24.8 B56BMW
5101Reinhold Wuerth & family$16.6 B87fasteners
6104Theo Albrecht Jr & family$16.3 B72Aldi, Trader Joe’s
7109Karl Albrecht Jr. & family$15.7 Bsupermarkets
8148Thomas Struengmann & family$12.2 B72pharmaceuticals
9148Andreas Struengmann & family$12.2 B72pharmaceuticals
10189Andreas von Bechtolsheim & family$10.2 B67Google
11196Friedhelm Loh$9.8 B76manufacturing
12209Alexander Otto$9.5 B55real estate
13213Georg Schaeffler$9.2 B58auto parts
14221Michael Otto$8.8 B79retail, real estate
15245Francine von Finck & family$8.4 Binvestments
16250Hasso Plattner & family$8.3 B79software
17285Axel Oberwelland & siblings$7.8 B56candy
18411Ludwig Merckle$6.2 B58pharmaceuticals
19436Renate Reimann-Haas$5.8 B71consumer goods
20436Matthias Reimann-Andersen$5.8 B57consumer goods
21436Stefan Reimann-Andersen$5.8 B59consumer goods
22436Wolfgang Reimann$5.8 B70consumer goods
23446Horst Julius Pudwill$5.7 B78manufacturing
24459Wolfgang Marguerre & family$5.6 B81pharmaceuticals
25465Erich Wesjohann & family$5.6 B77poultry genetics
26470Ugur Sahin$5.5 B57biotechnology
27521Michael Herz$5.2 B79coffee
28521Wolfgang Herz$5.2 B72coffee
29557Dietmar Hopp & family$5.0 B82software
30592Maximilian Viessmann$4.7 B33heating, cooling equipment

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