Richest People in Hong Kong: Top 30 Billionaires in Hong Kong 2023

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Hong Kong is known for its vibrant economy, bustling financial center, and the presence of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. In 2023, the richest people in Hong Kong have an aggregate wealth of over $250 billion.

Richest People in Hong Kong 2023

Amongst them, Li Ka-shing tops the list with a net worth of $38.7 billion, closely followed by Robin Zeng with $38.1 billion. Lee Shau Kee, another well-known name in Hong Kong’s business circle, holds the third position with $30.0 billion. Peter Woo and Xu Hang also make it to the top 30 list with their net worth of $16.6 billion and $15.4 billion respectively. These individuals have made their fortunes through various businesses ranging from real estate to technology, and their success has placed them amongst the richest people in Hong Kong.

Top 30 Billionaires in Hong Kong 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
133Li Ka-shing$38.7 B94diversified
234Robin Zeng$38.1 B54batteries
345Lee Shau Kee$30.0 B95real estate
4102Peter Woo$16.6 B76real estate
5113Xu Hang$15.4 B56medical devices
6120Kwong Siu-hing$14.9 B93real estate
7126Lui Che Woo$14.5 B93casinos/hotels
8139Joseph Lau$13.2 B71real estate
9164Gong Hongjia & family$11.2 B58video surveillance
10256Francis Choi$8.2 B75real estate
11295Li Ping$7.6 B55batteries
12301Wu Jianshu$7.5 B59auto parts
13344Law Kar Po$7.0 B74real estate
14365Zhou Qunfei$6.8 Bsmartphone screens
15407Michael Kadoorie$6.2 B81hotels, energy
16426Ruan Xueping$5.9 B51power strip
17429Ruan Liping$5.9 B59power strips
18595Richard Li$4.7 B56telecom
19611Huang Yi$4.6 B61car dealerships
20769Pansy Ho$3.8 B60casinos
21799Patrick Lee$3.6 B81paper
22810Edwin Leong$3.6 B71real estate
23814Samuel Tak Lee$3.6 B83real estate
24823Tung Chee Chen$3.6 B80shipping
25861Cho Tak Wong$3.4 B76auto parts
26940Chan Tan Ching-fen$3.2 Breal estate
27955Li Jianquan & family$3.2 B66consumer products
28958Rita Tong Liu$3.1 B74real estate
29959Or Wai Sheun$3.1 B71real estate
301009Wong Man Li$3.0 B57furniture

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Source: Forbes