Richest People in Singapore: Top 20 Billionaires in Singapore 2023

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Welcome to the exciting world of the richest people in Singapore 2023. This is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, populated by the cream of the crop when it comes to the world of wealth and business. These top 20 billionaires in Singapore 2023 have set themselves apart with their keen eye for opportunity and their unwavering dedication to their respective fields.

Richest People in Singapore 2023

Leading the pack is Li Xiting, who boasts a net worth of $17.2 B. His business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit have made him one of the most respected names in the country. Following close behind is the Ng brothers, Robert and Philip, whose joint net worth of $15.4 B has been amassed through their successful business ventures.

Goh Cheng Liang, with a net worth of $14.4 B, is another name that can’t be missed in this elite group. His expertise in the field of real estate and property development has earned him a well-deserved place among the top 20 billionaires in Singapore 2023.

Wee Cho Yaw, with a net worth of $7.7 B, is another renowned business magnate who has made a significant impact on the Singaporean economy. And finally, we have Zhang Yong, with a net worth of $7.3 B, who has made his mark in the food and beverage industry with his successful chain of restaurants.

These are just a few of the names that make up the prestigious list of the richest people in Singapore in 2023. Whether through real estate, finance, or food and beverage, these top 20 billionaires have shown that they have what it takes to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing business environment.

Top 20 Billionaires in Singapore 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
196Li Xiting$17.2 B72medical devices
2114Robert & Philip Ng$15.4 Breal estate
3127Goh Cheng Liang$14.4 B95paints
4294Wee Cho Yaw$7.7 B94banking
5325Zhang Yong$7.3 B52restaurants
6417Kwee brothers$6.1 BReal Estate
7636Jason Chang$4.4 B78electronics
8687Forrest Li$4.2 B45gaming
9917Kuok Khoon Hong$3.2 B73palm oil
10996Sam Goi$3.0 B76frozen foods
111085Raj Kumar & Kishin RK$2.8 B68real estate
121117Gang Ye$2.7 B42gaming
131167Kwek Leng Beng$2.6 B82diversified
141209Peter Lim$2.5 B69investments
151279Choo Chong Ngen$2.4 B69hotels
161392Zhao Tao$2.2 B57pharmaceuticals
171421Kwek Leng Kee$2.2 B68diversified
181512Oei Hong Leong$2.0 B74investments
191568Shu Ping$1.9 Brestaurants
201711Asok Kumar Hiranandani$1.7 B68real estate

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