Richest People in Taiwan: Top 30 Billionaires in Taiwan 2023

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Taiwan has a thriving economy, and it’s evident in the staggering wealth of its top 30 billionaires. In 2023, the top five richest people in Taiwan are Zhang Congyuan, Terry Gou, Lin Shu-hong, Tsai Eng-meng, and Barry Lam.

Richest People in Taiwan 2023

Zhang Congyuan, the wealthiest of the lot, boasts a net worth of $9.6 billion, while Terry Gou comes in second with $7.5 billion. Lin Shu-hong and Tsai Eng-meng follow closely with $5.8 billion and $5.6 billion, respectively. Rounding up the top five is Barry Lam with a net worth of $5.1 billion. These individuals have made their fortunes through various business ventures, from technology to food and beverage, and have become an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Join us as we delve into the lives of Taiwan’s top 30 billionaires.

Top 30 Billionaires in Taiwan 2023

RankGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
1207Zhang Congyuan$9.6 B75shoes
2305Terry Gou$7.5 B72electronics
3440Lin Shu-hong$5.8 B94petrochemicals
4460Tsai Eng-meng$5.6 B66food, beverages
5539Barry Lam$5.1 B73electronics
6547Samuel Yin$5.0 B72retail
7588Andre Koo Sr$4.7 B55financial services
8619Pierre Chen$4.5 B66electronics
9651Richard Tsai$4.3 B65finance
10694Daniel Tsai$4.1 B66finance
11778Tsai Hong-tu$3.7 B70finance
12790Tsai Cheng-ta$3.7 B72finance
13969Lin Ming-hsiung$3.1 B73supermarkets
141086Lin Chen-hai$2.8 B75real estate
151146Xie Weitong$2.6 B66cobalt
161250Chen Tei-fu$2.5 B74herbal products
171301K.C. Liu$2.4 B68manufacturing
181318Morris Chang$2.3 B91semiconductors
191340T.Y. Tsai$2.3 B70finance
201375Bruce Cheng$2.2 B87electronics
211381Tsai Ming-kai$2.2 B72semiconductors
221419Chao Teng-hsiung$2.2 B78real estate
231428Lin Chang Su-O$2.1 B82real estate
241446Douglas Hsu$2.1 B80diversified
251537Wang Ren-sheng$2.0 B91retail
261560Wang Chou-hsiong$1.9 B82footwear
271562Tseng Cheng$1.9 B61petrochemicals
281597Shi Wen-long$1.9 B95plastics
291657Wei Yin-Heng$1.8 B64food, beverages
301666Thomas Wu$1.8 B72finance

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Source: Forbes