Richest People in the United States: Top 50 Billionaires in USA 2023

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The United States of America is the world’s largest economy and home to some of the most successful and wealthy individuals on the planet. In 2023, the top 50 richest people in the United States have a combined net worth of over $2 trillion.

Richest People in the United States 2023

Among the top five richest people in the US, we have Elon Musk ($187.3 B), Jeff Bezos ($125.3 B), Larry Ellison ($113.0 B), Warren Buffett ($107.2 B), and Bill Gates ($105.0 B). These individuals have made a significant impact on the US economy and have left a lasting impression on the global business landscape. Whether you’re interested in business, or economics, or just curious about the top billionaires, join us as we explore the list of the top 30 richest people in the united states.

Top 50 Billionaires in USA 2023

SL NoGlobal RankNameNet WorthAgeSource
12Elon Musk$187.3 B51Tesla, SpaceX
23Jeff Bezos$125.3 B59Amazon
34Larry Ellison$113.0 B78Oracle
45Warren Buffett$107.2 B92Berkshire Hathaway
56Bill Gates$105.0 B67Microsoft
68Larry Page$88.8 B49Google
79Sergey Brin$85.1 B49Google
810Steve Ballmer$82.8 B66Microsoft
914Michael Bloomberg$76.8 B80Bloomberg LP
1016Mark Zuckerberg$66.7 B38Facebook
1118Jim Walton$60.5 B74Walmart
1219Charles Koch$59.2 B87Koch Industries
1319Julia Koch & family$59.2 B60Koch Industries
1421Rob Walton$59.2 B78Walmart
1522Alice Walton$58.3 B73Walmart
1624Michael Dell$52.0 B57Dell Technologies
1726Phil Knight & family$47.7 B84Nike
1831John Mars$38.7 B87candy, pet food
1931Jacqueline Mars$38.7 B83candy, pet food
2036Miriam Adelson & family$35.8 B77casinos
2137Len Blavatnik$35.7 B65music, chemicals
2241Ken Griffin$32.8 B54hedge funds
2346Jeff Yass$30.0 B64trading, investments
2447Stephen Schwarzman$29.6 B75investments
2549Jim Simons$28.1 B84hedge funds
2653MacKenzie Scott$27.5 B52Amazon
2755Harold Hamm & family$27.0 B77oil & gas
2856Thomas Peterffy$26.5 B78discount brokerage
2969Leonard Lauder$22.8 B89Estee Lauder
3072Abigail Johnson$22.7 B61Fidelity
3174Lukas Walton$21.5 B36Walmart
3279Thomas Frist Jr & family$20.7 B84hospitals
3381Daniel Gilbert$20.4 B61Quicken Loans
3484Jensen Huang$19.4 B59semiconductors
3585John Menard Jr$19.2 B83home improvement stores
3686Ray Dalio$19.1 B73hedge funds
3788Carl Icahn$18.6 B86investments
3889David Tepper$18.5 B65hedge funds
3990Rupert Murdoch & family$18.4 B91newspapers, TV network
4091Eric Schmidt$17.7 B67Google
4193Steve Cohen$17.5 B66hedge funds
4294Donald Bren$17.4 B90real estate
43100Robert Pera$16.7 B44wireless networking
44121David Green & family$14.9 B81retail
45128Diane Hendricks$14.3 B75building supplies
46130George Kaiser$13.9 B80oil & gas, banking
47133Jan Koum$13.7 B46WhatsApp
48137Jerry Jones$13.4 B80Dallas Cowboys
49142Stanley Kroenke$12.9 B75sports, real estate
50145Laurene Powell Jobs & family$12.4 B59Apple, Disney

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Source: Forbes