Riddick 4: When will it release?

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Riddick 4 is finally happening and Vin Diesel is coming back after 10 years. The movie series started with “Pitch Black” in 2000 and then continued with “The Chronicles of Riddick” in 2004. Although it was not successful at first, it has since become popular with fans. In 2013, Vin Diesel returned as Riddick in a movie called “Riddick” where he tries to survive on a deserted planet while being chased by mercenaries.

It has been confirmed that Vin Diesel will be in Riddick 4. This movie is coming out 10 years after the last one. The person who made the movie, David Twohy, will also write and direct this one. He has worked with Vin Diesel for 20 years on other projects like movies, video games, and comics. This new movie will show where Riddick is from. Fans have been asking for this movie for a long time.

Riddick: Furya” Movie to Explore Character’s Origins

The new Riddick movie, titled “Riddick: Furya,” will follow the main character, Riddick, as he returns to his home planet. The planet was thought to be deserted after the Necromongers took over, but Riddick finds some survivors still fighting for their existence. Riddick teams up with his people to save their home. This story is in line with what was teased in previous movies and will explore Riddick’s origins.

It’s not clear if Merc City is still being made or if it’s been abandoned. There’s no word on if any characters from the previous movies will return, but it looks like only Vin Diesel will be back. Fans can watch the first three Riddick movies on Peacock now.

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