24 Roblox Trivia Questions And Answers

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Roblox is an online game platform developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows users to program and play games created by other users. If you know something about this platform, then let’s play some Roblox quizzes. Get here the list of some Roblox trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge.

Roblox Trivia Questions

1. A level 4 rocketeer in T.D.S. adds how much damage to its base? Answer: 15

2. How many hats can you wear in Roblox? Answer: 3

3. How many KOs do you have to have for the Combat Initiation badge? Answer: Ten.

4. How many place visits do you have to have for the Bricksmith badge? Answer: One thousand.

5. How many questions does Roblox Trivia ask? Answer: 20

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6. How much moneyz will an estate gamepass save you after starting with a tiny house? Answer: 946,000

7. If you get Builder’s Club, you can make more than one place. Answer: True.

8. In a pizza place, how much can you get for an item worth $625 if you sell it at the dump? Answer: 156

9. In which year was Roblox released? Answer: 2006

10. On what place could you get the Riddling Skull hat, on Halloween 2008? Answer: Yoricks Resting place.

11. What color were the tickets before they were removed? Answer: Yellow.

12. What does the “ROBLOX” Visor Hat say? Answer: ROBLOX.

13. What is the default color of Roblox Avatar? Answer: Grey

14. What is the maximum limit on having friends on Roblox? Answer: 200

15. What is the monthly user-base of Roblux? Answer: 200,000,000

16. What is the name of the in-game currency? Answer: Robux

17. What was Roblox originally known as? Answer: Dyna Blocks

18. Which is not a badge you can achieve? Answer: Total Killer.

19. Who is every player’s first friend in Roblox? Answer: Builder man

20. Who is the character that is on your friends list automatically when you start “ROBLOX”? Answer: Builderman.

21. Who is the maker of the game Roblox? Answer: Roblox Corporation

22. Who made still chill a meme on Roblox? Answer: Flamingo

23. Who made the level, Ultimate Paintball? Answer: Miked.

24. You can get eggs around Easter. Answer: True.