21 Sorry Messages For Friends To Apologize

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Get here some heartfelt sorry messages for friends to apologize.

Sorry Messages For Friends

1. Dear friend, I am sorry for hurting your sentiments. It was not my intention. Please, forgive me for being so harsh.

2. I can’t undo what I did though. But, I can apologize to you. I feel terrible that I hurt you so badly. I am sorry.

3. I have had so many sleepless nights for a long time. I am the burden of my own stupidity. I have no shame in admitting my mistakes. I am sorry dear!

4. I have no reason to say sorry to you. I can say sorry when I am guilty, I can say sorry when I am not. Because our friendship means a lot to me.

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5. I haven’t found a better friend than you in my life. Every moment with you is like a moment spent in heaven. I feel really sad because I have hurt someone who is very special to me. I am sorry!

6. I hope you will be kind enough to forgive me one last time. Give me one more chance and I promise I won’t let you down again.

7. I just want to let you know that I didn’t do it intentionally, it just happened by mistake. I’m sorry it ended like this. I am really sorry.

8. I know it’s not enough to say sorry about how much I’ve hurt you, but I’ll say it a million times until you forgive me. I am sorry.

9. I know my words and actions made you feel blue. Sorry to disappoint you, friend.

10. I may not be as intelligent as you, but I am wise enough to see the damage my friendship has done. I know you’ll forgive me in the end, but I’m really sorry!

11. I regret doing such a terrible thing to you, dear best friend. Your forgiveness will make my life better, I swear. Please accept my apologies, I love you so much.

12. I will never lie to you again. I will never give you more pain. From now on I will be very cautious because our friendship is very precious. Please forgive me.

13. If I have hurt you with my words or behavior, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I can’t stay away from you. I am really sorry.

14. If I knew that my actions would hurt my best friend, I would think a thousand times before doing so. You mean more to me than you think. I am sorry!

15. If you add a little salt to a lot of sugar, it still remains sweet. Such is our friendship. I may have made some silly mistakes, but I don’t hesitate to say that I’m sorry!

16. It was never my intention to hurt you. I am guilty of what I have done. I’m apologizing to you. Please accept my apology!

17. It’s so easy to say sorry but I know it’s very hard to be the big person and say it’s okay. Please excuse me, I’m sorry.

18. Life has its own way of making you realize the value of friendship and the worst part is that it always lags behind. miss you my friend; I’m sorry for not keeping in touch.

19. Our friendship has no rules but it is based on two beautiful things – unlimited love and unlimited forgiveness. I’m sorry to bother you, please excuse me.

20. Our friendship is worth more than any frivolous debate. Sorry for my harsh words. I love you anyway, please forgive me.

21. Since you are so beautiful and kind, excuse me is something you can definitely do. I humbly apologize to you. Please don’t let me down.

22. What I did was wrong. I’m sorry, and I’ll try to fix what I ruined. Our friendship deserves a second chance.