94 Best SpongeBob Trivia Questions And Answers

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SpongeBob is a fictional cartoon character in the Nickelodeon series SpongeBob SquarePants. It is the longest-running American animated series that became widely famous among kids, teens, and adults. If you want to play some quiz game with your friends, then you can use the below SpongeBob trivia questions and answers.

1 to 30 SpongeBob Trivia Questions And Answers

1. As an otherwise generic household pet, what common household pet does Gary bear the most resemblance to?

Answer: Cat

2. As the ‘lone’ land animal in Bikini Bottom, what US state does Sandy come from?

Answer: Texas

3. In “Life of Crime,” Patrick asks SpongeBob how it is possible to have a campfire lit when underwater. What happens after he asks this?

Answer: The fire immediately peters out

4. In the episode “Clams”, what did NOT happen to the ordinary dollar?

Answer: Torn completely in half

5. Squidward enjoys playing a musical instrument in his free time. What instrument is this?

Answer: Clarinet

6. What does SpongeBob live in?

Answer: A pineapple

7. What is Mr. Krabs’ middle initial?

Answer: H

8. What is Plankton’s first name?

Answer: Sheldon

9. Who owns the Chum Bucket?

Answer: Plankton

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10. In ‘The Chaperone’ who takes who to the prom?

Answer: SpongeBob’s dummy takes Pearl

11. In “I’m with Stupid”, what did it say on Patrick’s T-shirt?

Answer: “I’m with the dummy”

12. In the start of the episode “Rock Bottom”, where have SpongeBob and Patrick just come from?

Answer: Glove World

13. Squidward is actually NOT a squid. What kind of animal is he really?

Answer: Octopus

14. What color is SpongeBob’s tie?

Answer: Red

15. What did Patrick think boating school was?

Answer: Spanish Class

16. What instrument does Squidward play?

Answer: Clarinet

17. What was in the secret box Patrick had in one of the SpongeBob episodes?

Answer: A picture of SpongeBob at the Christmas party.

18. What’s Squidward’s favorite hobby?

Answer: Art

19. Who is Mr. Krabs’ arch nemesis?

Answer: Plankton

20. For how long did Plankton go to college?

Answer: The full 4 years

21. How did the mermaids get everything into the Bikini Bottom Triangle?

Answer: They sang

22. How many fingers (including thumbs) does SpongeBob have?

Answer: 8

23. In “New Student Starfish”, what is lesson 22 about in class?

Answer: docking

24. In the episode when Patrick’s “parents” came to visit him, what makeup did he joke about Spongebob wearing?

Answer: mascara

25. In the theme song, SpongeBob is said to be absorbent, __________, and porous.

Answer: yellow

26. What animal is SpongeBob?

Answer: Sponge

27. What is Mrs. Puff’s first name?

Answer: Poppy

28. What is Plankton’s full name?

Answer: Sheldon James Plankton

29. Who is SpongeBob’s neighbor who plays the clarinet?

Answer: Squidward

30. Who lives in a treedome?

Answer: Sandy

31 to 62 SpongeBob Trivia Questions And Answers

31. How late was Patrick?

Answer: 40 seconds

32. How many arms/legs does Squidward have?

Answer: 6

33. In ‘Funny Pants’ what saying makes SpongeBob laugh?

Answer: Another day another nickel

34. In the episode, “Suds”, what type of plant is scrubbed with Patrick?

Answer: Cactus

35. On two occasions, Sandy proves to be adept at singing and playing a particular instrument. What instrument is this?

Answer: Guitar

36. SpongeBob has a pet called Gary. What kind of animal is Gary?

Answer: Snail

37. What bizarre subject did Plankton major in at college?

Answer: Tank Driving

38. What design does SpongeBob’s snail have on his shell?

Answer: A Large Swirl

39. Where does Sandy come from?

Answer: Texas

40. Who is SpongeBob’s idol?

Answer: Mermaid Man

41. According to the opening song, what is SpongeBob?

Answer: absorbent , yellow, and porous

42. From the left, what is the order of the houses in SpongeBob’s neighborhood?

Answer: Patrick’s house, Squidward’s house, SpongeBob’s house

43. Have SpongeBob, Patrick, or Squidward ever moved or left their house for at least a day?

Answer: all three have

44. In “Sailor Mouth”, Patrick ends up being far less appalled by swear words than anyone else, even giving them a label. What does Patrick refer to swear words as?

Answer: Sentence enhancers

45. In one episode, SpongeBob ends up being forced to work for the Chum Bucket due to a grave error Mr Krabs made. What error was this?

Answer: Mr Krabs bet his contract and lost the bet

46. In the episode “SpongeHenge”, what animal is attracted to Spongebob’s music?

Answer: Jellyfish

47. In the episode “Squid on Strike”, how much was Squidward charged for lolly-gagging?

Answer: $2.00

48. One day, Squidward got so tired of his living environment that he briefly moved out of his house. Where did he go to?

Answer: Tentacle Acres

49. What did Spongebob name the seahorse that he became friends with?

Answer: Mystery

50. What is the name of the boy band that Pearl wanted to play at her 16th birthday?

Answer: Boys Who Cry

51. What is the name of the town SpongeBob lives in?

Answer: Bikini Bottom

52. What kind of creature is Sandy?

Answer: a squirrel

53. According to Mr. Krabs’s driver’s license, what is his date of birth?

Answer: 30 November 1942

54. In one episode, Gary briefly ditches SpongeBob in favor of Patrick. What of Patrick’s does Gary actually want?

Answer: A cookie

55. In the episode, “Driven to Tears”, why did Patrick get rid of his boatmobile?

Answer: It was out of gas

56. SpongeBob says a certain two-word saying when he is running to work. What is this saying?

Answer: “I’m ready!”

57. What color is the Flying Dutchman?

Answer: Green

58. What colors are Patrick’s pants?

Answer: Green and Purple

59. Where does Patrick live?

Answer: under a rock

60. Where does SpongeBob buy the Plan Your Own Party kit?

Answer: Barg N-Mart

61. Who are Squidward’s neighbors?

Answer: SpongeBob and Patrick

62. Who is very muscular?

Answer: Larry the Lobster

63 to 94 SpongeBob Trivia Questions And Answers

63. Who was Mr. Krabs’ friend but is now his enemy?

Answer: Plankton

64. In ‘No Weenies Allowed’ who can’t go in The Salty Spitoon?

Answer: SpongeBob

65. In “Nature Pants”, how much time did Squidward say SpongeBob would stay with the jellyfish?

Answer: Eleven minutes

66. In the episode “Imitation Krabs”, what was the first disguise used by Plankton in order to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula?

Answer: Presenter of a quiz show

67. Like SpongeBob, Squidward pays his bills by working at the Krusty Krab. What does he do for a living?

Answer: Cashier

68. Plankton is unique in the show for “technically” being married to his computer wife. What is her name?

Answer: Karen

69. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple, and Patrick’s next door neighbor Squidward lives in an Easter Island head. What does Patrick live in?

Answer: A rock

70. What colour are the flowers on Patrick’s shorts?

Answer: purple

71. What is Patrick’s big sister named?

Answer: Sam

72. What shape is SpongeBob’s mom?

Answer: Circle

73. Who is Larry’s step-father?

Answer: Old Man Jenkins

74. Who is SpongeBob’s best friend?

Answer: Patrick Star

75. Who owns the Chum Bucket, and is therefore Mr Krabs’ rival?

Answer: Sheldon Plankton

76. In “Krab-Borg”, what type of music does Mr. Krabs like?

Answer: Techno

77. In “Plankton’s Army”, where did Mr. Krabs hide the real krabby patty secret formula?

Answer: under his mattress

78. In “Sailor Mouth” how many bad words are there?

Answer: 13

79. In one episode Patrick copies everything SpongeBob does. Why does he do this?

Answer: to win a trophy

80. In one episode Squidward is obsessed with winning a prize from something; what is this object called?

Answer: Skill Crane

81. In the episode “Something Smells”, what did Patrick not eat Sunday morning?

Answer: Some ham

82. What is Patrick’s last name?

Answer: Star

83. Where do SpongeBob and Squidward usually work?

Answer: The Krusty Krab

84. Who are the characters who live nearby to SpongeBob?

Answer: Squidward and Patrick

85. Who doesn’t wear a shirt?

Answer: Patrick

86. Who is Plankton’s wife?

Answer: Karen

87. Gary is notably able to do one thing that SpongeBob has been unable to do since the show came into existence. What is this one thing?

Answer: Drive a boat

88. Mr Krabs is a single father, with a daughter living under his own roof. Who is this?

Answer: Pearl

89. What color is Squidward?

Answer: green/blue

90. What item did Patrick lose that got sucked in the Bikini Bottom Triangle?

Answer: His cufflinks

91. When did SpongeBob have a pet clam?

Answer: The first episode

92. Where do SpongeBob and his neighbor, Squidward, work?

Answer: Krusty Krab

93. Who is the well-known seller and producer of Bikini Bottom’s delicacy, the Krabby Patty?

Answer: Mr. Krabs

94. Who takes the guests’ coats?

Answer: Gary