24 Sympathy or Condolence Messages For Co-workers

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Get here some best ‘sympathy messages for co-workers to show condolences.

Sympathy Messages For Co-workers

1. We wish you and your family courage and peace in this time of grief.

2. Our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.

3. We keep you close to our thoughts. We are deeply sorry for your loss.

4. Our hearts are saddened by your loss, and our thoughts are with you.

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5. We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

6. With a heavy heart, I mourn your terrible loss. Wishing that in the midst of all sorrow and misery, you may find peace through complaining.

7. Heartfelt condolences from the team on your sad loss. During this difficult time, we are keeping you in our prayers.

8. We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of your [father/mother]. May God give you the strength to deal with this immense loss.

9. I am deeply sorry to hear of [name]’s passing. Sending you strength and comfort!

10. The team is deeply saddened by such shocking news. As your work family, we are here for you.

11. We keep you close in our thoughts and prayers so that peace may shine upon you and your family.

12. Dear colleague, my deepest condolences on your loss. May God be with you and give you relief from this pain.

13. I was deeply saddened by the news of your grievous loss. I am sure your father will live on through your values ​​and actions!

14. My heartfelt condolences on the passing of your mother. She was an incredible woman, and she will be in our thoughts with your family!

15. I am deeply sorry for the sudden demise of your father. May he rest in peace in the afterlife.

16. Losing a parent is an irreparable loss of a lifetime! My heart goes out to you during your hardship.

17. His presence and wisdom will always be remembered. Your father may no longer be with us, but you have many shoulders to bear the burden of his death.

18. Your mother was a wonderful person. She will surely take her place in heaven. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on his death.

19. My deepest condolences on the sudden demise of your child. May the sweet memories of the little ones comfort you in this time of sorrow.

20. No one can soothe the pain and sorrow of such a grievous loss! I am heartbroken to learn of the passing of your beloved son and keep your family in my prayers.

21. No one can fill the void you feel inside but know that you are in our thoughts. We are really sorry!

22. May the presence of loved ones give you the strength to deal with the passing of your brother. My condolences!

23. It was too early to leave us all behind for a bright star like him. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace, while his family rests in peace and strength.

24. We are shocked to learn of the passing of our dearest team member. In this sad time, we are here to support your family in any way they can!