The Last of Us Episode 5 Review: Watch it Now

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The Last of Us show is now on HBO Max with episodes 1-4 available. Episode 4 was released last Sunday and episode 5 was released on Friday, Feb. 10 instead of Sunday. The show is based on the popular PlayStation video game series from Naughty Dog and is about Joel and Ellie’s journey. It has 9 episodes in season 1 and has been renewed for a second season. Here is the review of ‘The Last of Us episode 5.

The Last of Us Episode 5 Review

In the latest episode of “The Last of Us,” the undead take center stage as they attack Joel, Ellie, and their allies. This serves as a reminder of the constant threat of the infected, even after 20 years. The show is not just about the downfall of humanity, but it uses it as a background for the main story. This week’s episode in Kansas City shows that the heroes must fight to survive while trying to avoid harm. This is different from other shows like “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Walking Dead” where the main focus is on the downfall of society.

The latest episode of “The Last of Us” is filled with action and excitement. It starts with a flashback to 10 days ago when Kathleen’s group defeated the FEDRA troops and began looking for Henry, a former FEDRA informant whom she blames for her brother’s death. She finds out that Henry and his brother are under the protection of Dr. Edelstein. Henry and Sam later come across Joel and Ellie and propose a plan to travel together through maintenance tunnels to escape the city. On the way, Henry confesses to Joel that he pointed FEDRA to Michael in exchange for medication for his brother.

The escapees face many soldiers with guns. They get through the tunnels but are then pinned down by a sniper. Joel disarms the shooter, but Kathleen and her army arrive. Henry offers to sacrifice himself for the others, but Kathleen isn’t moved by his story. Before she can shoot, a monster attack happens and all four escape. However, Sam gets infected and turns into a monster. Henry has to shoot him and then himself. The ending is sad as Sam and Ellie had become close friends. They share their fears, with Ellie being scared of being alone. Sam asks the important question, “If you become a monster, is it still you inside?”

Why did Ellie write “I’m Sorry” over Sam’s grave?

Because she tried to heal him and it didn’t work, causing her to feel guilty about her own immunity to the Cordyceps infection. This makes Sam’s death more emotional and impactful, making Ellie a more sympathetic character.

What is the meaning behind Kathleen’s death in Episode 5 of The Last of Us?

Kathleen finds out why Henry turned her brother into FEDRA, but she doesn’t forgive him. She says kids die all the time. She tries to kill Henry but is attacked and killed by a young infected girl.

How does Henry’s death reflect the story of both Henry and Joel?

In The Last of Us episode 5, Henry kills himself after shooting an infected Sam. This shows that Henry sees himself as a “bad guy” and his world revolved around Sam. This death also foreshadows Joel’s future, as his world will revolve around Ellie, just like Henry’s did with Sam. Joel will do anything to save Ellie, even if it means risking his own life.

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