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The Last of Us TV show has been very popular and many people are watching it. It’s rare for a TV show based on a video game to be good, but this one is. It’s not just about zombies, it also talks about important things like love and hope. Five episodes are already out and if you want to know about the next one, you can find all the details here.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Review

In episode 6 of The Last of Us, the characters slow down and have deep conversations with each other. It’s a really good chapter because of the great script and acting. Three months have passed, it’s now winter and the characters’ relationship has grown. The girl, played by Bella Ramsey, is really good at showing her emotions and making jokes. The man, Joel, is more willing to answer the girl’s questions now, but he’s still not ready to share everything. This causes tension that comes to a head in a memorable scene.

Ellie is in someone else’s bedroom, feeling sad about the life she can’t have. The fact that they are in someone else’s house reminds her that she and Joel are not a complete family yet. Joel and Ellie have a big fight, but it brings them closer together. The town of Jackson is very nice, and it helps to ease the tension from earlier in the game. The town is so well designed that it feels like a real place. The emotional scenes in Jackson help us to feel more connected to the town, and it’s a good decision to use it as a setting. Neil Druckmann is great at making changes to the story that benefit new players, while still giving Easter eggs for fans to find. One of these Easter eggs is a girl who looks like she’s spying on Ellie.

Ellie thinks her food in Jackson is the best meal she’s ever had because she may not have experienced kindness before due to her tough upbringing. Joel and Tommy have a complicated relationship, with a lot of history between them. They have honest conversations about their past and fears for the future. The episode has a lot of emotional moments but also pays attention to small details, like a movie being shown or a guitar being restrung. The episode has influences from classic westerns, with beautiful landscapes and a slower pace that shows the bond between Joel and Ellie.

The ending of this part of the story feels rushed. Even though there are some references to previous parts of the game, they don’t give enough time to show the impact of what happened. The main character Joel gets hurt and the people around him react strongly. The story ends with a dramatic scene where Ellie is left alone to protect Joel. It’s like a western movie, and it’s a twist on a famous scene from the movie True Grit.

The sixth episode of The Last of Us on HBO is really good. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey act amazingly as they talk about their problems and try to make things better. The scenes are filmed really well and the writing is great. It’s a standout episode that shows what Joel and Ellie are going through. The only problem is that the ending feels a bit rushed.

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