18 Best Thinking of You Messages To Share

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Get a collection of thinking of you messages and texts.

Thinking of you messages

1. Are you still troubled by the fight? well, please don’t. I know things have been getting tough for you lately. But I can’t stop thinking about you!

2. Call me when things settle down a bit. It would be great to hear your voice.

3. Every day, I remind myself how beautiful our friendship is. I appreciate you for always being a good friend of mine. I want to tell you that I really adore our company.

4. I can’t say for sure that I can stop thinking about you. Because I’ll never try to stop thinking about you.

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5. I can’t wait to catch up. I’ll call you on Sunday night.

6. I was thinking. No one can make you smile as much as me. Now I miss you a lot.

7. I would love to hear from you. Shoot me a text or email when you get the chance.

8. It’s been a long time since we last met each other. I was thinking of you yesterday. Now, I had to text you. Do you know how much I miss you?

9. Let me make one thing clear. As long as I’m thinking of you, it’s always a good thing. Thinking about you always makes my day.

10. My beautiful girl. Missing you has become my daily routine. What would you say now? Do you remember me?

11. Thinking about you has become a boon to me. Right now, I am thinking of you and trying to remember the smile you showed me. I love you.

12. This message is to let you know that I love you and that you are the guy I was thinking about lately. I miss your smile so much.

13. was not in a good mood. Had just opened a book and suddenly, your thoughts occupied my mind. Now I can’t stop thinking about you. How are you doing these days?

14. We couldn’t meet today. OK that is nice. At least there’s a good part of not seeing you. I can think of you and miss you.

15. We were in a really lovely relationship. I really miss you very much and think of you every day. All the moments I had with you, you have always been a valuable person to me.

16. You are one of those special people whose thoughts are always on my mind, even when you are not around. I am thinking deeply about you.

17. You have healed me with your kind words, sweet smile and eternal love. My heart is only yours, sweetheart. I can’t imagine a moment without you.

18. You might not be in a very good position without me there. Know that I am thinking of you and I miss hearing your laughter.