72 Best Tie Breaker Trivia Questions And Answers

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Tie Breaker is an additional contest or period of play used to select a winner when a competition ends in a tie. Get here the list of some Tie Breaker trivia questions with answers.

1 to 24 Tie Breaker Trivia Questions

1. 2022, how many Apple stores are there in the world? Answer: 516

2. A tradition Chef’s toque (hat) has how many folds? Answer: 100

3. Giving the month and year, when did Jeff Bezos start Amazon? Answer: July 1984

4. How many monthly users does Facebook have? Answer: 2.89 Billion

5. How many people survived the Titanic? Answer: 706

6. How many people visited the Taj Mahal, India in 2020? Answer: 4.4 Million

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7. How many subscribers does Netflix have? (2020) Answer: 214 Million

8. How many U.S states are larger than the UK? Answer: 11

9. How many windows are there in The Shard, London? Answer: 11 000

10. How many words are there in Harry potter and The Chamber of Secrets book? Answer: 85 141

11. How much did Scarlett Johansson earn for her role in Black Widow? Answer: $20 million

12. How much does The Strand cost to buy on a standard Monopoly board? Answer: £220

13. In cm, how tall is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? Answer: 196cm

14. In the 2019 UK general election, how many people voted Conservative? Answer: 13.96 Million

15. Not including the reunion show, how many episodes of Friends are there altogether? Answer: 236

16. Pamela Anderson married for the fifth time in January 2020, how many days did the mariage last? Answer: 12 Days

17. To the nearest minute, how long is the first Jurassic Park movie? Answer: 128

18. How many different Pokemon characters are there in total? (2020) Answer: 898

19. How many domestic cats are there on the Island of Maui, Hawaii? Answer: 500 000

20. How many episodes of Only Fools and Horses were made? Answer: 64

21. How many Oscars has Tom Hanks? (2021) Answer: 2

22. How many people live in the state of Ohio, USA? Answer: 11.69 Million

23. How many tourists visit Angkor Wat each year? Answer: 2.6 Million

24. How many UK number one singles have the Spice Girls had? Answer: 9

25 to 48 Tie Breaker Trivia Questions

25. In feet, how tall are the white letters in the famous Hollywood Hills sign in California? Answer: 45 Feet

26. In KM squared, how big is the Kruger National Park, South Africa? Answer: 19,485 km²

27. In KM, how long is the Great Wall of China? Answer: 21 196 km

28. In metres, how tall is Mount Fuji, Japan? Answer: 3776 Metres

29. In metres, how tall is the Statue of Liberty, New York? Answer: 93 Metres

30. In miles, what is the distance between Saturn and Jupiter? Answer: 456 Million Miles

31. In minutes, what was the total time that Neil Armstrong spent out of the lunar module on the moon? Answer: 152 Minutes

32. In the Travis song `Sing`, how many times is the word `Sing` sung? Answer: 42

33. Including vault tracks, how many tracks were on Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) Album? Answer: 30

34. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen was the top grossing movie of 2009, how much did it make? Answer: $402 111 870

35. What is the population of Uzbekistan (2021)? Answer: 33 935 763

36. 48 American states divide themselves into counties – how many total counties are there in the US? Answer: 3,007

37. At its closest point, how many million miles is Jupiter from the Sun? Answer: 460

38. How many elements are there is the periodic table? Answer: 118

39. How many grams of liquid are in a gallon of Coca-Cola? Answer: 3,780

40. How many square miles is Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US? Answer: 1,214

41. How many total original episodes of the TV show “Lost” aired? Answer: 121

42. How many total songs appear on the “The White Album,” the popular 1968 Beatles record. Answer: 30

43. How many total square feet is the White House? Answer: 55,000

44. How many zeroes are in a Googol? Answer: 100

45. How many zeroes are in the number, 80 decillion (deh-sill-ee-in)? Answer: 34

46. How tall is the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world)? Answer: 829.8

47. In cm, what is the average height of a Male Asian Elephant? Answer: 289 cm

48. In miles, what is the distance between the moon and earth? Answer: 238,900 miles

49 to 72 Tie Breaker Trivia Questions

49. In which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? Answer: 1876

50. To the nearest 10,000, how many words are in the official English Scrabble Dictionary? Answer: 180,000

51. What is the average life cycle of a red blood cell? Answer: 120 days

52. What is the average temperature on Venus? Answer: 460 degree celsius

53. What percentage of Earth’s surface is covered in water? Answer: 71%

54. What year did Harriet Beecher Stowe publish “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”? Answer: 1852

55. Which is the only barrier yet to have a Melbourne Cup winner? Answer: Barrier 18

56. How deep is the Mariana Trench? Answer: 10,994 meters (36,070 feet)

57. How high is Mt Everest in metres? Answer: 8,848 m

58. How high is the Empire State Building (including its antenna)? Answer: 1,454 feet (443.2m)

59. How many letters are there in the word “SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS”? Answer: 34 letters

60. How many minutes is the total running time of the 1997 original theatrical release of Titanic? Answer: 194mins

61. How many people have allegedly set foot on the moon? Answer: 12

62. How many people survived the sinking of RMS Titanic? Answer: 706 (214 crew and 492 passengers)

63. How tall was the tallest recording person in the world? Answer: 2.72 m (8ft 11.1in)

64. In months, what is the gestation period of an elephant? Answer: 22

65. In what year did France conduct its last execution by guillotine? Answer: 1977

66. In what year was the Great Pyramid of Giza Built? Answer: 2560BC

67. Jupiter has how many known moons? Answer: 79

68. The famous Rumble in the Jungle fight went to how many rounds? Answer: 8

69. What is the distance between the Moon from the Earth? Answer: 384,400 km

70. What is the length of the Great Barrier Reef in kms? Answer: 2,300 kilometres

71. What is the top speed of a hummingbird? Answer: 79 km/h

72. What was the distance of the Wright Brothers first successful flight? Answer: 852 feet (260m)