37 Toastmasters Trivia Questions With Answers

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If you are aware of the Toastmasters then here is the list of Toastmasters trivia questions and answers for you to test your knowledge.

Toastmasters Trivia With Answers

1. In how many countries besides the United States were clubs located at the end of 1958? Answer: In 30 countries outside the United States

2. In which California city did a club first try meeting at the noon hour? Answer: In Los Angeles, California (the Noonday Toastmasters club)

3. In which year did the 100th club charter? Answer: 1937

4. In which year did Toastmasters International begin publishing the Toastmaster magazine? Answer: The Toastmaster magazine was first published in 1933.

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5. In which year was the first high school speech contest sponsored by Toastmasters? Answer: 1931

6. Up until the 1936 Convention in Santa Barbara, what was the cost of annual member dues in U.S. dollars? Answer: $1

7. What date marks the official anniversary of Toastmasters International? Answer: October 22, 1924

8. What is Ralph Smedley’s middle name? Answer: Chesnut

9. What was the name of the first two-page newsletter started in 1930? Answer: The Gavel

10. When and where was the first inter-club speech contest held? Answer: At the 1938 Convention in Tucson, Arizona

11. When did Toastmasters International incorporate? Answer: In 1932

12. When the first district was organized, which states did it include? Answer: California and Arizona

13. When was Ralph C. Smedley born? Answer: February 22, 1878

14. When was the first district organized? Answer: In 1934

15. Where did the second official club charter? Answer: Anaheim, California

16. Where was the first meeting of a still-existing Toastmasters club held? Answer: The first meeting was held in a YMCA building in Santa Ana, California, in October 1924

17. Where was the first non-California club organized? Answer: In Seattle, Washington (in 1933)

18. Where was the first non-North America club organized? Answer: In Southport, England

19. Who was the first president of Toastmasters International? Answer: J. Clark Chamberlain

20. At the 1940 Convention in San Diego, why was a moratorium declared on dues from clubs in

21. England, Scotland and Canada? Answer: A moratorium was declared because of the effects of World War II

22. In 1962, the Basic Training manual was translated into which two languages? Answer: Spanish and French (it was also translated into Braille)

23. In which year did Toastmasters International first offer the Accredited Speaker program? Answer: 1980

24. In which year was membership opened to women? Answer: 1973

25. In which year was the DTM award introduced? Answer: 1970

26. In which year was the Toastmasters International website launched? Answer: 1995

27. What was the name of the first manual (released in 1928)? Answer: Manual of Instructions

28. When did the Toastmaster magazine begin releasing monthly issues? Answer: In 1946

29. When was the Basic Training manual available to members? Answer: In 1942

30. When was the first annual Toastmistress Convention held? Answer: In 1939, parallel to the Toastmasters Convention in San Jose of the same year

31. When was the first Certificate of Merit awarded? Answer: In 1946

32. Where is Toastmasters International currently headquartered? Answer: Rancho Santa Margarita, California

33. Where was the first complete district outside of the United States organized? Answer: Scotland (District 18, organized in July 1946)

34. Where was the first official Toastmasters convention held? Answer: In Anaheim, California (in 1930)

35. Who was the 1969 Golden Gavel recipient? Answer: Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite

36. Who was the first Executive Director of Toastmasters International? Answer: Ted Blanding (from 1943–1958)

37. Who was the first female International President? Answer: Helen Blanchard