23 Toxic Quotes For Her: Overcome the Toxicity

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Toxic quotes are a reflection of the negative and harmful thoughts and words that can infiltrate our minds and relationships. They can come from a variety of sources, including past traumas, unhealthy relationships, and societal pressures. These toxic quotes (for her) can range from self-deprecating thoughts to hurtful words spoken to or about others. However, it’s important to recognize that these toxic thoughts and words do not define us and we have the power to change them. By identifying and shifting our toxic thoughts and words, we can create healthier and more positive relationships with ourselves and others.

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Best Toxic Quotes For Her

1. “Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of toxic people. Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

2. “Protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good appearance with an ugly fiendish eye, and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

3. “It makes no sense to try to extend a friendship that was only meant to be a season into a lifetime.” ― Mandy Hale

4. “It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.” ― Mandy Hale

5. “Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.” ― Mandy Hale

6. “Ending our consumption of violent images and toxic communication gives us the chance to transform the violence and suffering in us.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

7. “The creative process is lost in a toxic environment. The risk of staying is too great because in it you may never reach your full destiny.” ― Germany Kent

8. “Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

9. “Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.” ― John Mark Green

10. “Stop inviting people who don’t celebrate you to your party! It’s YOUR life – you have the right to be exclusive.” ― Mandy Hale

11. “Some people are too toxic to live. They just are.” ― Karen M. McManus

12. “People appear like angels until you hear them speak. You must not rush to judge people by the colour of their cloaks, but by the content of their words!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

13. “There’s folks you just don’t need. You’re better off without em. Your life is just a little better because they ain’t in it.” ― William Gay

14. “Look around you at the people you spend the most time with and realize that your life can’t rise any higher than your friendships.” ― Mandy Hale

15. “Don’t let pain keep you from moving forward. It shouldn’t stop your progress – it should drive it.” ― Rachel Van Dyken

16. “Even if toxic people are right about what is “good,” they are wrong if the approach is not healthy.” ― John L. Lund

17. “Unconditional means exactly that. You do not have to be “on” all the time. Your anger, resentment, depression, fear, shame, embarrassment—it is all welcomed and cared for.” ― Jackson MacKenzie

18. “The mind is a key factor throughout this book. Thinking, as you will see, plays a dominant role in eating. Toxic thoughts can negate the positive effects of good nutrition.” ― Caroline Leaf

19. “A part of him felt she would always have been a mystery to him, elusive and enigmatic, but at the same time, she was comfortable as if they had been together for years.” ― Christine Feehan

20. “She had the faint taste of sass and sweet. Lethal and home. The combination was deadly to a man like him.” ― Christine Feehan

21. “Negative people can only infest you with discouragements when they find you around… Just get lost and get saved!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

22. “We do not have to be mental health professionals to identify the traits of the possible sociopaths among us.” ― P.A. Speers

23. “Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before they dig out the dream seeds you’ve planted! The earlier, the better; the quicker, the safer!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

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