10 Minecraft Trivia Questions & Answers

1. When you first spawn in the game what dimension do you start in?

Answer: The overworld. This is where most people spend most of their time in Minecraft.

2. What is the most famous evil mob in Minecraft?

Answer: The creeper of course! This character is iconic in Minecraft and will hiss at you before blowing up next to you.

3. What is the material you need if you want to make automatic machines and farms?

Answer: Redstone.

4. What type of food do cows and sheep eat?

Answer: Wheat which you can farm by planting seeds.

5. When you first visit The End what terrifying creature is waiting for you?

Answer: The Ender Dragon. You need to kill the dragon to access the end.

6. What important item does a creeper drop when it is killed?

Answer: Gunpowder which you need to make fireworks, TNT and for potion brewing.

7. Where can you get enchanted books from?

Answer: You can get enchanted books from loot chests or form trading with librarian villagers.

8. What are Endermen afraid of?

Answer: Endermen don’t like water and will avoid it. If they keep getting wet they will die.

9. How do you make a double chest?

Answer: You craft two chests and place them side by side. They will join together and turn into a double chest. 

10. Where do iron golems spawn and for what reason?

Answer: Irony golems spawn in villages and they are there to protect the villagers. They also drop iron ingots if you kill them.