Top 10 Human Nature Quotes for motivation

William James

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.


It is human nature to hate the man whom you have hurt.

John Keats

Scenery is fine - but human nature is finer.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.

Xun Kuang

Human nature is evil, and goodness is caused by intentional activity.

Graham Greene

Human nature is not black and white but black and grey.

Elvis Presley

It's human nature to gripe, but I'm going ahead and doing the best I can.

Abraham Maslow

Human nature is not nearly as bad as it has been thought to be.

Margaret Mead

Human nature is potentially aggressive and destructive and potentially orderly and constructive.

David Hume

Human Nature is the only science of man; and yet has been hitherto the most neglected.

Robert Kiyosaki

It's human nature to blame someone else for your shortcomings or upsets.