Top 10 thoughts to become optimistic in life

“If you have confidence, if you believe in yourself, you can go anywhere.”

- Katie Kacvinsky

“Life has too many disappointments to make room for negativity.”

- Daniel Willey

“The problem isn't a shortage of opportunities; it's a lack of perspective.”

- Tim Fargo

“Surround yourself with positive people.”

- Roy Bennett

“Be optimistic. Surely, you will reach your goals by the grace of God.”

- Moosa Rahat

“Everything happens for a reason, we just don't get the reason with the thing”

- Linda Carvelli

“Don’t set your own goals by what other people make important.”

- Lolly Daskal

“Do not allow your inner doubts to keep you from achieving what you can do.”

- Lolly Daskal

“Optimism doesn't make you more persistent. Persistence makes you more optimistic.”

- Richie Norton

“Life belongs to optimists. Pessimists are just viewers. Making it real, starts with our attitude.”

- Cathy Burnham Martin