20 Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages For Friends

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Get a collection of wedding anniversary wishes and messages for friends.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages For Friends

1. A married couple is well suited when both partners feel the need to fight, usually at the same time. happy n!

2. Another year of living together. you guys are awesome! Be in love with each other. happy n!

3. As you continue to cherish the love you have for each other, we want you to know that you are truly special to us. We are praying for you. happy n.

4. Fate has brought you together and you are honoring it by loving each other unconditionally. Wishing you a lovely wedding anniversary my friend.

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5. Finding the right person is difficult, but I am so glad that you have found each other and held each other for the first 365 days of your married life. There is much more here.

6. Happy anniversary to you May your exemplary marriage sparkle with love and wisdom to all who know you.

7. Happy first anniversary, my dear couple. Together you can make any day beautiful.

8. happy n. May you stay on the path of God and share eternal life together.

9. Hope this wedding anniversary doubles your love and strengthens the bond, friend.

10. I admire and respect both of you for your commitment to your marriage. You are an exemplary couple and I am blessed and honored to be your friend. happy n.

11. It warms my heart to see that you two love birds are still wearing the same smile you were giving to each other exactly a year ago on this day. Happy first marriage anniversary my friend.

12. Life is very changeable and no one knows what lies ahead, but I am pretty sure that as long as you are together, everything will be fine. Happy first wedding anniversary friend.

13. Looking at the two of you, we can figure out how to have fun in the hell! Happy anniversary friend.

14. May love be the light that illuminates your life, giving you hope for years to come. happy n.

15. Only one thing is true in this world, that is the everlasting beauty of your marriage. Because it’s made of the strongest affection I’ve ever seen. Happy Anniversary.

16. Still can’t believe it’s your wedding anniversary! God bless you always and forever.

17. Thank you for being such an exemplary couple. 30 years is definitely a milestone- keep you both strong.

18. To keep your marriage full of love in a loving cup, admit it whenever you’re wrong. Whenever you’re right – shut up. Happy anniversary dear!

19. You fall in love with each other, each time, the milestones of your relationship you climb! Happy wedding anniversary!

20. Your biggest achievement is being married for so long. The achievement opened up my friend. Happy Anniversary.