19 Wedding Wishes And Messages For Colleagues

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Get a collection of wedding wishes and messages for colleagues.

Wedding Wishes And Messages For Colleagues

1. A house built on infinite love is a house of peace. May this happy moment bring together wonderful things and create memories of a lifetime. Be in love and enjoy your wedding day beautiful couple.

2. Best wishes to you and your spouse for the journey of a lifetime. I am so inspired to see you get married. Soon I’ll be next in line. Have a happy married life.

3. Can’t do without you so please don’t go on your honeymoon too long! Just jokes, congratulations and lots of love

4. Congratulations on your promotion. Not at work but from single to married!

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5. I wish you happiness that always shines on you and your blessed life together. May your happiness be filled with blessings and joy forever.

6. It is so beautiful to see two lovely souls smiling together on this special day. May the deep love of your heart never fade and may all your dreams come true. Enjoy your day and happy married life.

7. May the joy and happiness you experience today be with you always. Best wishes on your marriage.

8. May this marriage fill your life with new colors of happiness, joy and lots of love. Congratulations on starting a new journey.

9. May this wonderful day bring all the best in your life. Congratulations! Enjoy life now.

10. My best ally and my role model. What a good step you have taken. May God bless this union and give you everything you want through this journey. Best wishes for married life.

11. Thank you for making me a part of this beautiful day, nothing is more precious than seeing two people in love, declare it for the whole world to see. Enjoy your wedding mate.

12. Today is just the beginning; It is not over yet yet as you break the barrier of courtship, I hope you do justice to the marriage.

13. We are all happy for you and our deepest love and best wishes to you both. Keep smiling for each other. Congratulations!

14. We are happy to be a part of your celebrations and to enjoy great food and drink. Congratulations to you!!!

15. We understand how happy you are because you are getting married that you are treating everyone for free. Best wishes on your marriage.

16. What a lovely wedding and you make a wonderful couple. Congratulations!

17. When you invited me to your wedding, I never thought I would find so much love in one place. I hope your love grows deeper every day. Congratulations to your wedding partner.

18. With his kind heart and loving nature, God has given you such a lovely companion for a lifetime. Best wishes to you during this new phase of life. Have a happy married life.

19. You have promised each other love, devotion and faith, I hope you get nothing less. I wish you a blessed marriage dear colleague. Congratulations!