21 Wedding Wishes And Messages For Son

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Get a collection of wedding wishes for your son.

Wedding Wishes And Messages For Son

1. A loving life partner is the essence of a happy life and I am so glad that you have acquired that essential life partner!

2. As a man, sometimes you’ll miss love the way you did as a loner, but that’s no excuse to leave your woman in limbo. You are no longer single. Always obey him. Happy married life son.

3. Be kind, generous, and understanding to your wife, no matter what the situation may be!

4. Every day is a boon for you and now it will be a boon for someone else too. Hearty marriage and married life my son!

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5. I’m not the mother who would own her son’s wife, but I would be the best mother-in-law in history. Best wishes to you two lovebirds.

6. Looking at you and your spouse, I think it would be logical to say that you will have beautiful children. Your marriage made us realize the extent of your beauty.

7. Marriage is about the union of two lovers who will spend the rest of their lives together. Happy married life, son and daughter-in-law.

8. May you be able to keep every commitment and promise you to make to your future life partner and be kind to him!

9. May you both be strong enough to face all the obstacles and sorrows in your life with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

10. May you find the most selfless and true friend in your wife. Lots of love to our precious son.

11. May you two be the happiest couple ever and may your whole life be filled with respect, love, and happiness!

12. May your joining together bring you more joy than you imagined!

13. No one can divide two souls together in a pure holy marriage; May you both have a happy married life.

14. Now you have been promised that you will share your life together and I hope you will always do it with love. May you always keep caring and loving your life partner!

15. Through marriage, the two of you are united in the promise to help, to be gentle, and to give and take. May you both be able to keep it up!

16. We have been eagerly waiting for this day since the day we took you in our arms for the first time. Many many wishes for this new journey our love. Congratulations.

17. Whatever it is, be kind, compassionate, and understanding to your wife! Happy married life son.

18. Whatever the situation, may God fill your life with satisfaction, love, and faith in each other!

19. When two souls are joined in a pure holy marriage, there is nothing to separate them, my dear son, wishing you all the best in your marriage!

20. You have grown so much more than I expected! May God bless you with your soul mate and best friend. I am very proud and happy for you both.

21. Your marriage will be successful when you think less, feel more, bark less and smile more often. Everything will be beautiful with that smile on your face. Happy married life son.