What is a Comment Section? The importance of the Comment Section

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The comment section is an important part of any blog, website, or forum, which is used to create a discussion community between readers. In this article, we will take a brief look at What is the comment section & the importance of a comment section.

What is a comment section?

The comments section is an online feature through which a publisher collects an opinion from readers about their content. If the publisher’s content is good, then readers appreciate the content. If there are some drawbacks to the content, then the readers share those drawbacks. It helps the publisher to improve his content. It is like a feedback form of an online website.

What Is A Comment Section?


Nowadays, you get comment sections on almost all types of websites on the Internet, but there are some websites where the section is disabled. Such as news websites. The news website disabled this section due to inappropriate and harassing comments received from commenters.

Let’s take look at a little information about the history of the section. We have collected this information from Wikipedia.

  • Open Diary was the first website to add a comment section in 1998 to get readers’ opinions.
  • The Rocky Mountain News was a news website that first added a section to its news page in 1998.
  • The use of the section increased after the 2000s.
  • The use of the gated comment section gradually increased, due to the amount of inappropriate and harassing comments in the anonymous comment was increased.
  • According to Wikipedia, in 2019 YouTube also began to delete and demonetize a lot of channels on the basis of comments. Right now, the channel owner has the right to manage the comments on his YouTube channel.

How many types of comment sections are there?

There are 2 types of sections.

  1. Gated
  2. Non-gated
Gated comments

In this type of section, readers have to share their information before commenting on the content of any website. At the time of sharing the information, the reader has to choose a username. It becomes easy to identify the commenters through the username.

What Is A Comment Section?
Non-gated or Anonymous comments

This type of section does not require any user information. Anyone can go to a website and give comments anonymously. This type of section sometimes causes spamming of the website.

How do moderate comments?

The amount of toxic and controversial comments on the publisher’s content has increased a lot. The biggest example is YouTube. Here you will find many hated comments on the comment boxes.

There are 3 ways to moderate comments.

  1. Post Moderation
  2. Pre Moderation
  3. Flagging

#1 Post Moderation: Comments are checked after being published.

#2 Pre Moderation: Comments are first verified and then published. If some comment is found inappropriate, then it is deleted by the website owner.

#3 Flagging: Comments are flagged directly on the spam box.

What is the benefit of using the comment section?

The use of the section is very beneficial. For example:

  • With the help of this section, the publisher collects feedback on their content. It helps the publisher to improve the quality of their content.
  • It helps to create a community between readers.
  • The content publisher gets the idea of ​​new content.

Why should the comment section not be used?

Just like the benefit of the section, it also has some disadvantages.

  • Some readers post some toxic and inappropriate comments. These types of comments are found on YouTube.
  • Some Internet users use the section to build links for their websites. Which is the main cause of spamming websites.

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