What Is A Premium Domain? Why Premium Domains Are So Expensive?

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Do you want to get complete information about the premium domain name? In this article, we will tell you what a premium domain is and how it works, and Why premium domains are so expensive?

When you go to buy a name for your blog, you may have found a domain that is showing much more value than the normal value.

You will found a Premium domain will be written on the side or above the domain name with a very high value. Why these are so expensive? We will give you complete information about this in this article.

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What is a premium domain Name?

Premium domain name is the one whose value is much higher than the normal value of a domain name. These domains have the potential to become very popular on the Internet and the opportunity to build brand value quickly.

Premium domains are better than normal domains. All the things that you have to pay attention to while buying a domain are available in this type of domain.

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Why is a domain considered as a premium domain?

Some new domain names stocked by domain registrars due to their high potential value to become popular quickly.

There are two types of domains you will find in the domain registrar while buying a domain name.

First, if someone first bought a domain and wants to sell it at a much higher value. And second, some new domain names stocked by domain registrars.

The value of these types of domains is always higher in the first case than in the second case. Some users buy these domains from domain registrars at the cost set by Domain registrars and sell them at very high prices.

For example, you get a premium domain that is new and the registrar is showing you its cost of ₹100,000. But in some other cases, you will find a domain at a cost of ₹13,00,000 or more value.

Taking these two cases as an example, we will understand it better.

Domain held by existing owner wants to sell at a higher price

Here I have found a domain name “wpguide.com”. I visit GoDaddy and search to buy this domain name, I found here that the domain name is available and shows its value of more than 18 lacs.

Premium Domain GoDaddy set by existing owner
[Image Source: GoDaddy] Premium Domain Price set by existing owner

When I click on the information symbol on the price side, it shows me that “This is the asking price set by the owner.”

When I go to buy I am getting “Get it” button instead of “Buy now”. When I click on get it, it is taking me to the listing page of GoDaddy and it is showing me to make an offer.

[Image Source: GoDaddy] Premium Domain Price set by existing owner and offer page

A user has purchased the domain name at a premium cost set by any domain registrar and now the existing owner wants to sell at a much higher cost.

If you want to buy this type of domain, then the domain registrar will give you this within 5 to 10 days or as per its timeline period.

Second, here I got one domain name “selfworthy.com”. When I searched, it showed me, “this domain is available” and price with the “Buy now” button.

New available Premium Domain
[Image Source: GoDaddy] New available Premium Domain

If you want to buy this type of domain, then you have to buy the domain by giving full cost.

Why is a premium domain name so expensive?

Now the thing is why this domain name is premium and why it is so expensive.

We have previously written an article that in order to buy a good domain name, some essential things should be noted.

Tips to be considered while buying a domain name:

  • A domain name has to be short and simple
  • Must be within 15 characters
  • Must be within 2 or 3 words
  • You can use a related keyword
  • Do not use numbers, hyphens, or any symbolic character
  • Focus to create a unique brandable name
  • Do not use any trademark name

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While searching for a domain name, if you find any domain that has brandable keywords, short in length, has a word that people using more, such domain name is always premium.

The premium domain name have the potential to rank in higher level, help to create a brand quickly.

There are many people who want to start their domain business, they buy this domain name from the domain registrar and sell it at a very high price.

Therefore, you will get more cost of reselling Premium domain than new premium domain.

I Hope you have found all the information about the premium domain in this article.

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