When will destiny 2 servers be back up online?

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When will destiny 2 servers be back up online? Know here everything.

The release of Destiny 2 Lightfall is coming soon and Bungie has shared important information with fans. They should know when the servers will be back online and how to download the expansion. The game is very popular and fans are excited to play it. Recently, players got Assassin’s Creed armor in a collaboration with Ubisoft in season 19, but the new expansion will be even bigger.

Destiny 2 Lightfall will come out on February 28th at different times depending on where you live. The release time is 09:00 PST, 12:00 EDT, and 17:00 GMT. Bungie shared this information in their latest TWAB. Right now, the game is not available because of maintenance.

When will destiny 2 servers be back up online?

Destiny 2 will be available to play online at specific times on 09:00 PST, 12:00 EDT, and 17:00 GMT when the Lightfall expansion will be released. However, due to ongoing background maintenance, you might have to wait in a queue and experience sign-in issues until 10:00 PST, 13:00 EDT, and 18:00 GMT. Once the servers are up, you can download update, and the patch notes have already been shared. The upcoming expansion has many exciting things to look forward to, including the release of two fantastic songs from the soundtrack, partially revealed by Sony.

How to preload destiny 2 lightfall?

To preload Destiny 2 Lightfall on your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, follow the instructions below:

1. Check the download file size and storage requirements for your platform, which are as follows:

  • PlayStation 5: The install size is 102.6 GB, and you need 102.6 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • Xbox Series X|S: The install size is 108.59 GB, and you need 108.59 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • PlayStation 4: The install size is 88.21 GB, and you need 184.64 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • Xbox One: The install size is 89.21 GB, and you need 89.21 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • Steam: The install size is 102.60 GB, and you need 233.2 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • Epic Games Store: The install size is 101.51 GB, and you need 223.3 GB of storage space for preloading.
  • Microsoft Store: The install size is 102.13 GB, and you need 102.13 GB of storage space for preloading.

2. If you’re playing on Xbox Series X/S, you may need to follow some additional steps to sign in after the servers are back online. Quit Destiny 2, highlight the Destiny 2 tile, press the menu button, select “Manage game and add-ons,” select Destiny 2, unselect all of the following add-ons, select “Save Changes,” and launch Destiny 2 when completed.

3. If you pre-order Destiny 2 Lightfall, you’ll get some instant unlocks and bonuses. The Standard edition costs £39.99/$49.99 and comes with an Exotic Ghost and a Legendary Emblem, as well as the Lightfall Expansion, a new campaign, a new power, a new destination, a new raid, new exotic gear, and access to Season 20. The annual pass edition costs £79.99/$89.99 and includes access to Seasons 20-23, a Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle, Catalyst, and Ornament, a Lightfall Exotic Sparrow, a Lightfall Dungeon Key, Rahool’s Secret Stash x4, Ascendant Alloys, Ascendant Shards, Exotic Ciphers, Upgrade Modules, and an Exotic Cosmetic Item.

4. Destiny 2 Lightfall launches on February 28th for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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