Who is High Evolutionary appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

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Chukwudi Iwuji will be portraying the High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Let’s delve into the details of this GotG villain, covering everything from his comic book origins to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who is High Evolutionary?

The High Evolutionary is a character from Marvel Comics. He was made up by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in a comic book in 1966. In the future, Chukwudi Iwuji will play the High Evolutionary in a movie called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Chukwudi Iwuji will play the bad guy in the next movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, called Vol. 3. In the comic books, this character is called the High Evolutionary and he is important to another character called Adam Warlock who will be played by Will Poulter. The High Evolutionary is a smart scientist who likes to change animals and make them smarter. He is an interesting addition to the story in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie because of his background in comic books.

The trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 shows that the movie will be the darkest one yet for the team. The villain in this movie will be the High Evolutionary, who could provide answers about Rocket Raccoon and Adam Warlock. The High Evolutionary is a character from the comic books and may change the direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

High Evolutionary History & Biography in Comics

The High Evolutionary is a bad guy who was first shown in the Thor comics. He has played a big role in the stories of many Marvel Comics heroes like Thor, Black Knight, Adam Warlock, and Spider-Woman. In recent Marvel Comics, he was changed to be the one who gave powers to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The High Evolutionary used to be a smart scientist named Herbert Wyndham from England.

Herbert was born in Manchester, England and went to Oxford for college. While at college, he became interested in genetic biology and started experimenting with it. He built a machine to help him evolve rats and went to a conference in Geneva where he was given information to help him make a serum called “Isotope A.” He succeeded in evolving his pet dog into a human-like creature but it was killed. He then moved his experiments to a secret place in Transia with the help of another scientist and used the money they made from discovering uranium to buy more land.

German scientist Horace Grayson and Phaeder built a “citadel of science” using Moloid slaves. Horace and Phaeder continued their experiments until Horace’s daughter got sick from uranium poisoning and had to be put in suspended animation to save her life. Horace’s wife was killed by a werewolf and Horace left, while Phaeder stayed and continued his work with the help of research assistant Miles Warren. Phaeder genetically accelerated some animals into half-human, half-animal creatures, which he called “New Men”. Later, Jonathan Drew returned to the citadel and was possessed by the ghost of a 6th century magician named Magnus. Magnus warned that the citadel was built on a place where a malevolent Elder God named Chthon had been banished. The New Men were trained by Drew and eventually called themselves the “Knights of Wundagore”. In 1958, Chthon was freed from imprisonment and the Knights fought him off. On the same night, a woman gave birth to twin children and the baby girl was touched with Chthon’s magic. The twins were raised by Roma Django and Marya Maximoff and grew up to be superheroes Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

The High Evolutionary met Thor and they fought against a villain named Man-Beast and his evil group. Wyndham turned his research center into a spaceship and took his New Men to a new planet, where they became wild again and revolted against him. He tried to make the Hulk evolve, but his experiment was stopped by the New Men and he ended up evolving himself into a god-like being. He changed the New Men back and became one with the universe. Later, he created Counter-Earth, but it became a bad place because of the Man-Beast. He adopted Adam Warlock and gave him a special gem, sending him to fix Counter-Earth. The High Evolutionary helped Adam Warlock fight Man-Beast and his minions.

Galactus, a powerful being, found out about a new planet called Counter-Earth and decided to eat it. The Fantastic Four, Gorr, and the High Evolutionary tried to stop him, but in the end, the Impossible Man tricked Galactus into eating his own planet, causing him harm. Out of kindness, the High Evolutionary saved Galactus by turning him into energy.

The Beyonders also wanted to steal Counter-Earth, but Adam Warlock killed the High Evolutionary, who was then brought back to life by Moondragon and Her. The High Evolutionary went to the Beyonders’ planet to try and save Counter-Earth, but he became unstable after seeing how powerful the Beyonders were. He later tried to use an “Evolution Bomb” to change all humans, but the Avengers stopped him.

The High Evolutionary later created new gods and immortals, but viewing the birth of a new Celestial drove him back to madness. He also studied Ego the Living Planet and believed there were multiple Egos that all came from a “Super-Ego”.

The High Evolutionary is a powerful and mentally unstable superhero in the Marvel universe. He became infatuated with Shanna, the wife of Ka-Zar, who was also infused with power from the Savage Land’s terraformer. The High Evolutionary repented and returned Shanna to her normal state after realizing their relationship should not be pursued. He has since been an ally to other superheroes like Thor, but has also been seen as a villain at times. He has worked with other characters like Magneto and Blob, and has even drained the Silver Surfer’s power cosmic. The High Evolutionary is also a “World Builder,” creating new life throughout the universe.

The High Evolutionary worked with Maker to merge different universes into one. The Earth-1610 Ultimates members were brought back to help Eternity fight the First Firmament. The High Evolutionary sent a meteor to Earth to combine it with Counter-Earth, which attracted the attention of the Avengers and the Champions. They went to Counter-Earth and fought the New Men, causing a malfunction with the High Evolutionary’s teleporter. The High Evolutionary was turned into digital data and trapped in another dimension but was returned by the Knights of Wundagore. Kraven the Hunter made a deal with the High Evolutionary to create 87 clones of him, but only one succeeded and killed the others.

High Evolutionary Powers & Abilities

The High Evolutionary is a man who has evolved his intelligence to the maximum level possible for a human. He is known as the top geneticist in the Marvel universe and is extremely knowledgeable in various sciences. Due to his experiments on himself, he has god-like powers including the ability to control life forms, superhuman strength, manipulation of energy and matter, and extrasensory abilities. He has also created weapons for his followers that can damage mystical objects. His exoskeleton provides him with protection and can even heal him if he is injured. He changed himself and became much smarter than any normal person, including the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and Hank Pym. He’s so smart that he made his own planet, Counter-Earth, and filled it with its own people and culture.

High Evolutionary Personality

The High Evolutionary is a character in Marvel Comics who wants to create a better world through evolution. He is sometimes portrayed as a “mad scientist,” but also has a kind and caring side. He loves his creations, even the flawed ones, and has acted as a father figure to several characters. He has also shown concern for the defenseless and has provided for the people of Transia. Despite his unstable behavior, he has done many good things, such as saving the Earth and Galactus.

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