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Hii, Do you want to share the knowledge that you have with people? You can share your knowledge with people in our blog. Whatever the knowledge you have or whatever subjects you like and if it is useful for everyone, then you can share it here.

Subjects, For example:

  • Motivational Articles
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • People’s Stories
  • General Knowledge
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Educational Articles

If you want to write any article in Hindi, you can write on our Hindi website Aap Bhi Jaano.

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Guidelines for writing

Before writing, you need to pay attention to some guidelines.

  • Useful Content: The article you write should be useful to the people. People should get some good information from it.
  • Original Content: You can take information from anywhere, but you have to write in your own language. Copy content should not be there.
  • Article Length: The article you write should be a length of 600+ words.
  • If someone wants to write an article for a link, then we will not accept that article.

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